First Day of School Tips

Hey guys! So school is starting, or for some school has possibly started already. However, if it hasn’t for you, here are some tips on being prepared for your first day!

1. Pick out your perfect first day of school outfit! Keep in mind that you’re going to school, not a club. Wear something cute and comfortable, and in the dress code!

2. Be prepared with supplies. All you really need the first day is a notebook, folder, and a pencil. Once your teachers assign you your syllabus with supplies you need, that’s when you go crazy supply shopping!

3. Make sure you have any summer projects with you! Most likely, all of you had a book report to do in the summer. Whether you like to read or not, you should really just do it. You have the entire summer to do it and it’s really not that hard. It’s an easy A.

4. Wake up on time! Being late on your first day is NOT a good way to start off the school year!

5. Get to school as early as possible. Like I said, it’s not good to be late. On top of that, it may take awhile to find your new classes. Especially if you’re attending a new school.

6. Be yourself! Socialize, make friends, and most importantly, learn something!


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