Best Colors for Brown Hair and Brown Eyes!

Brown hair and brown hair are just SO common! Almost everyone seems to be rocking these dark features. Here is how you can stand out!

Colors that look good on brown hair and brown eyed beauties include

  • Brown- blends well with features
  • Tan- earth tones in general just look great
  • Green- preferably a dark, forest green or emerald
  • Orange
  • White- Ivory shades especially
  • Black
  • Red
  • Violet blues
  • Peach
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Blue

Keep in mind that the darker your hair, eyes, and complexion are, you may look better in brighter colors. If this is the case for you, go for vivid colors like a royal blue, classic red, emerald green, and lemon yellow. Black and white would also look good for more neutral tones.

If you have darker hair, stick to richer tones. Spicy reds, peaches, and corals look great on you.

Makeup Idea’s!

Everyday Look: First apply foundation and concealer. Next, prime your eyes. Apply a bronze shade all over lids. Apply a dark brown eyeliner with 2 coats of mascara in dark brown shades. For lips, bright shades look great on brunettes, just as long as the color isn’t too pink. Coral lips would look great paired with peachy cheeks.

Going Out Look: Once again, apply your foundation and concealer. Next, prime your eyes. Apply a purple eyeshadow. The deeper the color of your eyes, the deeper the shade. Be daring and line your eyes with a forest green eyeliner, then apply your dark brown mascara. As for eyebrows, the color should be a shade lighter than your hair color to soften the face. For your lips, you should definitely go for a tawny shade. Pair this with coral cheeks. To finish this look, apply bronzer from your cheeks up towards your eyes.

BONUS LOOK: Start off by applying foundation and concealer. Prime your eyelids. Something I didn’t mention that could really change any of these three looks is that almost any color would look good with your features. Therefore for this look, go ahead and apply any eyeshadow shade you would like, if any at all. For this look though, we will focus more on lips. So finish off your eyes by applying dark brown mascara. Next, apply a deep red lipstick. Follow this with a very neutral shade of blush. A soft rosy color would work well, or possibly a peach. Once again, fill in your eyebrows a shade lighter than your hair. Then your look is complete!


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