Which Naked Palette is Best For You? Quiz!

Okay so I am OBSESSED with Urban Decay’s Naked palettes! I recently just purchased the third (stay tuned for a review coming soon!) You may be thinking, is it really necessary to own all 3 Naked palettes? Well guess what? It absolutely is!

No I’m just kidding. Owning all three really isn’t necessary unless you’re a makeup buff like I am. However, each palette is different from the last and the color choices vary. The first palette consists of more brown tones while the second is more gray and the third is all rosy shades.

So even though all three palettes are different, you might only be able to afford one. After all, each palette is around $50. Which palette do you choose?

Below is a quiz I created to decide which Naked palette is best for you!

1. What color are your eyes?
A. Brown
B. Blue
C. Green
2. Do you tan easily, or do you burn?
A. Tan- I get super dark!
B. Burn- I’m like a lobster in the summer!
C. Neither
3. Do you prefer shimmer or matte shades?
A. Shimmer all the way!
B. Who cares?
C. Matte
4. Are you a messy person?
A. I’m a neat freak
B. I’m pretty messy
C. I can be messy, but I do my best to keep things clean!
5. Are you more into eye makeup or lip colors?
A. Eyes I guess
B. Lips
C. I LOVE experimenting with eye makeup
6. What is your hair color?
A. Brunette
B. Blonde
C. Redhead

7. Would you say your skin is fair, medium, or deep?
A. Medium-Dark
B. Very fair!
C. Fair-Medium

8.What is your eye color?
A. Blue or brown
B. Hazel or grey
C. Green


Mostly A’s- The Naked palette is best for you!
The brown-gold shades with look excellent with your warm undertones! Packaged in velvet and including a flat sided brush and Urban Decay primer potion, this palette is exactly what you need! Don’t worry, the palette looks good with a wide range of eye and hair colors but the darkness of the shades will best compliment your deep tan.

Mostly B’s- The Naked 2 is best for you!
The Naked 2 is best for your cool undertones. The taupe colors will pop against your fair skin. The Naked 2 comes in shiny, tin packaging and also consists of an awesome dual sided eye shadow brush and lip gloss.

Mostly C’s- The Naked 3 is best for you!
The Naked 3 palette consists of a variety of rosy shades suitable for almost any skin tone. Just like the Naked 2, the Naked 3 is packaged in tin and comes with that amazing dual sided brush. The Naked 3 also comes with eyeshadow primer in a variety of different shades! This palette is incredible!

Hope you enjoyed this quiz! In case you were wondering, I got mostly A’s! Looks like I’ll really be enjoying my Naked palette!


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