20 Things to Blog About!

20 Things to Blog About
1. Things to blog about!
-Here’s an idea- create your own list of things to blog about! There’s an endless amount of topics out there, yet all bloggers face a touch of writer’s block sometimes. Put out your best ideas, things you would want to read about!
2. Lists
-Similar to my first suggestion, and this post itself! Write a list. It could be a list like ‘10 ways to avoid conversation’ or maybe a list of your top ten favorite movies. Whatever your heart desires!
3. Places you’ve traveled
-Travel any place interesting lately? Hope you took a lot of pictures! Make sure to post them and describe the trip in as much detail as possible so we could all live vicariously through your blog post. Don’t get the opportunity to travel much? Blog about places you would love to explore. Write about your ideal vacation.
4. Your inner thoughts
-Feeling passionate about a cause? Blog about it! Stressed? Blog about it! Had an interesting day? Blog about it! Remember it’s your blog and you can write about anything you want!
5. My first..
-Blog about your firsts. Your first kiss, your first toy, your first crush, etc.
6. Dreams and goals
-They can be far-fetched dreams, or a goal your working hard to achieve! Write about how you plan to reach these goals and update frequently on your progress!
7. Question of the day
-This is a good way to get in touch with your readers. Ask them a question! Readers love to share their opinions and input. Ask about what they like to do, what their favorites are, how they feel about politics, anything! You can even take a poll!
8. Celebrity crush
-I love Leonardo DiCaprio. What about you? Write about them- what you love about them and when you first noticed them. Is it an actor? What’s your favorite movie with them? What would you say if you got the chance to meet him/her?
9. My favorite..
-Write about your favorites! Your favorite movie, song, color, etc. Why is this your favorite? What makes it so special?
10. My least favorite..
-Write about a movie you didn’t like or a song you hate! What made it so awful? Tell us in detail why you didn’t like it!
11. Guilty pleasures
-A guilty pleasure is something you love, but you don’t tell anyone because it could be a bit embarrassing. Everyone has a guilty pleasure. It could be reality television, the Spice Girls, or really anything!
12. Write about a bad date
-Why was the date so bad? What happened? Write about the date from start to finish- don’t miss a single detail!
13. Write about your ideal date
-Your dream guy just asked you out and he planned the perfect date. Who’s your date? Where is he taking you? What did you have to eat?
14. Your OOTD
-If you’re interested in fashion and happen to be wearing an especially cute outfit today, take a picture! Tell your readers what you’re wearing and where you bought it. Describe the fabric of your skirt and why you love what you’re wearing!
15. Recipes
-Share that classic recipe you make every time you have a dinner guest. Or maybe share healthy alternative recipes to unhealthy food.
16. Worst memory from high school
-Write about the memory that makes you cringe. Face it, you know it’s pretty funny! Maybe it’s not so much of a cringe-worthy or embarrassing moment, maybe it’s more of a painful memory from a bad breakup or flunking the SAT’s. Tell us! We want to know!
17. Something that changed your life
-Ever have those moments that make you take a step back and just appreciate your life? Or maybe you didn’t have that great of an experience and something happened that made you completely reevaluate your lifestyle. What was it?
-Everyone needs some positivity in their life. Keep today’s post simple with an inspirational quote and what it means to you.
19. Reviews
-See a new movie lately? Use a new makeup brand? Write a review on it! What do you like about it? What don’t you like about it? Would you see that movie again? Would you use that brand again?
20. What you hate about society
-Go ahead. Feel free to rant. Write about how you hate when boys do this or when girls say that. This blog post could actually be quite refreshing. Get all that anger inside of you out onto the page! I’m sure there are a ton of people who will read and relate.


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