Naked 3 Palette Review

Well I’ve given a review on both the Naked and the Naked 2, so I figured it’s about time I give one on the Naked 3!


Just like the other two palette’s, the Naked 3 is filled with a bunch of neutral shades that can be used for everyday. You can also build up the color and create a more smoky eye for a night out. Or you can keep a natural makeup look that almost makes it look like you’re wearing no makeup at all.

Unlike the other two palette’s, the Naked 3 has more rosy tones. The Naked and the Naked 2 are very similar in a way. Although the Naked has more brown-based shades, and the Naked 2 has more taupe-based shades, the palettes still share a lot of color similarity. The Naked 3 is definitely the most distinct of the three with its rosy hues. I like it a lot because it definitely gives me new color options and I personally feel like the colors are softer, prettier, and even girlier. BUT you can still create an edgy look if you want to.

The Naked 3, just like the Naked 2, comes in a tin packaging. I like this so much more than the velvet because although the velvet looks cool at first, it ends up getting so dirty so fast! I’m definitely pleased they stuck with the tin packaging. Also like the Naked 2, the Naked 3 comes with a dual sided brush which I like. The brushes are pretty similar. One end is flat tipped and the other end is fluffy. Still, they’re different and I like having both.


Something I didn’t like about the Naked 3 was the eyeshadow primer. This palette came with a bunch of  shadow primer samples and I found it to be quite messy. I would have rather just had the little bottle like in the Naked palette. These ones make it difficult to use and I always seem to squirt out too much product. That would definitely have to be my biggest complaint.


Alright, now for the eyeshadows. The palette comes with 12 pretty shades starting with the lightest color and building to the darkest, just like the other two palettes (and most palettes in general). The first shade is Strange which is the palettes white, highlight color. It’s a matte shade very similar to Foxy in the Naked 2. However, Foxy is more of an off white and Strange is a bit brighter. The next color is Dust which is a metallic pink glittery shade. This color definitely has a lot of shimmer, making it a nice highlight color. I don’t want to keep comparing the colors the shades in the other palettes, but it reminds me a lot of Sin. Dust is, just like the rest of the palette, more pink-toned though. Burnout is a very natural pink shade with slight shimmer. Limit is a matte, rose-colored shade.  Buzz is glittery just like Dust, but is rose-colored like Limit. So basically it’s just a really shimmery Limit. Trick is the gold shade in the palette. I honestly find it to be very similar to Half Baked, but I guess there are minor differences. Nooner is a matte, pinkish-brown shade. Liar is a shimmery soft brown. Factory looks just as shimmery as Liar, but is maybe a shade darker. It’s more of a chocolate brown. Mugshot is kind of grey-based. It’s a shimmery taupe color and looks more like a color you would find in the Naked 2. Darkside is a dark, charcoal color that is perfect for a smoky eye. The last color in the palette is Blackheart, and it’s actually probably my favorite shade in the palette although I’ve barely touched it. I think it’s the most unique shade in all three palettes and that’s why I love it so much. It’s a black shade, but still keeps the rosy hues that the rest of the palette maintains by adding in red sparkles. It looks exactly as the name suggests really, and I think it’s absolutely gorgeous.

That’s all I have to say about the Naked 3. I love it, just like I do my other two Naked palettes. Urban Decay has done it again! Which Naked palette is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


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