Eleven Reasons Why Autumn is the Best Season


I love the muted colors, pumpkin spice late’s, sweaters……… everything. But just in case you forgot why fall is the best season, here are eleven  reasons:

1. Bonfires

Bonfires are honestly the best. Chilling by the fire with friends is fun, but also relaxing. You can make s’mores and talk about anything. Perfect nights always come from bonfires.


Yes! Fall means you can finally break out your favorite sweaters!! Here are a few of my favorites

Forever 21
Forever 21
Forever 21
Forever 2

3. Colorful & Crunchy Leaves

I don’t know why, but there is just something so satisfying about hearing leaves crunch. It’s weird, but it’s gotta be one of my favorite sounds. Aside from that, the leaves look so pretty in the fall!


(these are just regular brown leaves, but I like this picture ok)

4. Warm drinks

Mmmmmm hot chocolate and lattes and tea! All my faves! Not to mention you can finally pull out all those cute mugs!



5. S’mores

Even though s’mores goes with bonfires, I still think s’mores is a reason in its own. Roasting marshmallows is heaven on Earth. Melted chocolate and marshmallow on a graham cracker…. Heaven. On. Earth.

6. Halloween!!

Whether you’re trick or treating, at a party, or handing out candy. Halloween is always a good time. And even if your not doing any of those things, Halloween is still an excuse to buy candy!


Last Halloween, I went trick-or-treating with my friends and we all dressed in a Christmas-related costume. (I’m Rudolph BTW). We carried around a boom box and blasted Christmas music. It was hilarious! People were asking to take our pictures and some people even gave us extra candy because of it!

7. Thanksgiving

After Halloween comes Thanksgiving. A time to stuff yourself with Turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

8. Pumpkin everything!


Make these cookies. Just do it.

9. Scary!!!!!!!!!

Scary movies are everything. My personal favorite is Carrie, but really I just love anything by Stephen King. Here is my scary movie collection!


10. Cuddling

The cold weather is an excuse to get closer to your crush. Whether you’re at a bonfire, or watching a scary movie, you can use it as an excuse to cuddle! Did you know cuddling literally kills depression, relieves anxiety, and strengthens the immune system. So who wants to cuddle?!

11. Pillsbury Pumpkin Shape Sugar Cookies

you know the kind…


There you have it! These are just a few of the many reasons why autumn is the best season! What do you love about autumn?


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