After Halloween

I’m a little late on posting this, but I decided to post my last minute Halloween costume!

I decided to dress up as a ninja turtle. And not just any ninja turtle, Leonardo! My favorite!


I went out to buy the costume the night before Halloween. I went to Halloween stores like Spirit and Party City, but a Ninja Turtle costume cost $60!!! Not to mention the costumes are quite revealing, and my Halloween plans this year included Trick-or-Treating for the last time, and I didn’t want to be cold. So instead of spending $60 on a costume I’d only wear once, I decided to improvise.


The hat I bought at Party City for $10. I thought it was a good choice because the hat kept my ears warmed and had the blue ‘Leonardo’ mask! Next I went to Walmart, and Walmart had a ton of Ninja turtle shirts and hoodies. I decided to go with this one because it came with a velcro cape.


I paired this with my green jeans that I already own. I actually bought them on sale at Pacsun for only $10. I also wore my brown moccasins, perfect for trick-or-treating!

028Here is a picture of my friend and I before trick-or-treating. We only went out for about an hour. When I was younger I used to go from 4-curfew! We didn’t go out until 7 this year and an hour of trick-or-treating had me beat! But it was still so much fun. I’m gonna miss trick-or-treating!!!


My school allows us to wear our costumes to school and of course I have every year! Freshman year I was Luigi, sophomore year I was Cat in the Hat, junior year I was Waldo, and now here I am senior year as a ninja turtle!! Next year, I’ll still be dressing up in college! Can’t wait!


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