As I have said many times before, I am a senior in high school which means I have been looking a lot into colleges lately and am beginning applications and all that unfun stuff. I’ve always had this dream of moving far away for college. My freshman and sophomore year I wanted to move all the way out to California which is very far from where I’m living now in New Jersey. Once junior year came along and I began to look into colleges more seriously, I became a little more realistic. There is no way in hell I’d be able to afford any college in California. And I’d never be able to afford to come home! I would be stuck out in California whether I liked it there or not. And I’d have absolutely no one but myself.

So as you can see, the California dream died down. I figured a good alternative would be to study abroad there one year to see how I liked it. Studying abroad is something that’s very important to me in college. I was looking at a small little school in Pennsylvania called Arcadia University, and if I played my cards right, I’d be able to study abroad every single year. How awesome is that?! I could stay in the country and go to places like California, or I could travel to all different countries around the world! And the best part? It wouldn’t cost anything extra! Arcadia ranks #1 in study abroad. Not to mention, it’s not that expensive. In fact, Arcadia is cheaper than most in state schools for me. Which makes it seem like less of a scam compared to other colleges.

Unfortunately, I know a few people who have gone to Arcadia, and came back home. I did also visit Arcadia’s campus and it’s beautiful, but I’m not so sure it’s for me. But in all honesty, I don’t really know what school is.

I’ve looked at schools like Monmouth and Rider. Both in state schools that I should be able to easily get into. The problem? SOOO expensive! Monmouth is absolutely stunning, but so far out of my budget. Unless I got amazing scholarships, I don’t think I’d be able to afford either school. And why should I go there if I can go to a school, like Arcadia, for less money? I don’t want to be drowning in student loans. This is why I think college is a scam. We’re paying so much money, but when we go to apply to jobs, will it really make a difference if I studied at Arcadia or Monmouth? If it’s an Ivy League school, then sure it will. But for some schools, does it really make a difference?

Senior year is supposed to be easy, but it’s actually a lot of work. All of my spare time has gone into studying for the SATs and ACTs, writing college essays, applications, and looking for scholarships and aid. And everything is just so much money! $100 to take my SATs and ACTs. And people spend thousands on SAT tutors, something I could never afford, but desperately need. Then to apply to a college, there’s an application fee! Application fees usually range around $50-75. It’s ridiculous!

College is stressing me out, and I’m not even in it yet. But on a different note, I feel it’s necessary to mention my top 2 schools. Penn State and Rutgers. Both pretty well known schools with football teams in the Big 10. I’d prefer to go to Penn State, which has a tuition near the same price as Monmouth, but Rutgers is more affordable. Most people who graduate from my high school end up going to Rutgers and there is a possibility I will be the same way. But at this point, I have no idea where I’m going to college. To be honest, I could end up going to community college at this point. It seems like a better, cheaper idea.

Alright, well that felt nice to finally let out my thoughts on this whole college process. I’ll definitely keep you updated with everything. But before I end this post, I could really use your view on college. Where do you go/have you gone to college? What was the whole college process like for you? I would love to hear about your experiences!


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