My First

Hey everyone! First off, I’d like to apologize in advance for my lack of posts over the past few months. Senior year isn’t nearly as easy as I thought it’d be, but I’ve finally committed to college so now I’m preparing for that, prom, and senior trip. I’ll have a post updating you all next week!

For this post, I decided to do something a bit more fun and something that’ll help you guys get to know me better! I found this on YouTube posted by Zoella a little while ago. As you can tell by the title of this post, it’s called “My First.”

Let’s do this!

My First Word: After discussing this with my mom, she insists that my first word was in fact, mom! Honestly, I don’t think she really remembers. Thanks, mom!

My First Stuffed Animal: My first stuffed animal was this little stuffed rhino that I still have! It’s still in pretty good condition despite the fact my dog, Duke chewed off his ear when I was in the fifth grade. Shout out to my grandmom for sewing it back on!


My First Friend: My first friend that I can really remember was a girl named Enrica that I met in preschool. We were inseparable! I guess my little four year old self couldn’t comprehend that her name was Enrica and not Erica so I ended up calling her Erica for the entire year. Unfortunately, we stopped being friends after preschool when she ended up transferring to Catholic school while I remained in public school. Then in fourth grade, she transferred to public school and ended up being in my class (which is when I discovered her name is actually Enrica.) Of course, we became best friends again! Now, we remain friends despite the fact we once again attend different schools. We aren’t as close as we used to be due to growing up and growing apart, but she is still a friend I can always count on and whom I always look forward to seeing. After all, we have been through so much together!

010 (2)


First School Crush: Once again, I was in preschool. His name was Tyler, and he was totally the hottest boy in school! He was my boyfriend, or at least I was convinced he was. He ended up moving and I cried. I have no idea where he is now, but first loves never die! Tyler, if you’re reading this…. hi.

First Kiss: I was in the eighth grade and there was this really cute boy in my class who was a total bad boy! He smoked cigarettes and got held back and all the girls loved him! All the girls in my class liked him and he ended up liking me! I was so excited, even though I never really considered “bad boy” to be my type. We only dated for about a week and he kissed me in front of a McDonald’s. He ended up dumping me two days later. Oh well

First Job: I worked at a sandwich shop for two days a few years back. However, my boss was creepy and I was working in a really ghetto area and got hit on one too many times during those two days that I decided to not go back. My first job was a total disaster.

First Concert: I went to the One Direction Take Me Home concert. My friend got free tickets and called me the day before asking if I wanted to go. I LOVE One Direction so obviously I said yes! Not to mention the seats were amazing and it was all free! Here are some pics from the concert:

004 566 583 598

First Car: My first, and current, car is a blue 2006 HHR. It’s a piece of crap and people always come at me for how ugly it is, but I love it.


First Blog Post: My first blog post is literally named “First Blog Post.” Unfortunately I ended up deleting the post!


That’s it! Thanks for reading! Feel free to make a post similar to this one and send them to me! I’d love to read them 🙂


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