End of the Year Festivities- Prom

Finally- I am out of school FOREVER! Well… high school that is. I haven’t had time to update due to all those big, end of the year events. But I’m here now, to update you all on those big, end of the year events!

Shall we begin with prom?

In my last post, I told you all about the adorable proposal my friend gave me. Here’s a picture if you didn’t see it.

IMG_9556 (1)

Cute, right? Anyways, prom was fun!


I did enjoy prom, and I honestly don’t think my final school dance could’ve gone any better. But at the same time, school dances ALWAYS stressed me out so much. Even right before prom, I was upset because my hair and makeup didn’t come out quite like how I wanted it too. But looking back on the night, I think all turned out well.

I bought my dress and my earrings from a nice little boutique in Delaware called Claire’s.


Prom wasn’t at any place special. Just a local venue that we had our junior prom at. But I actually preferred this because it saved money, and my God I’ll do anything to save money when it comes to prom.

My dress is by La Femme and the style number is 20964 in the color plum.


Plus, prom had a photo booth and an ice cream bar to make up for it’s lame venue. It was fun, but I really am so glad it was my last school dance. Having to stress about finding a date, a dress, hair, makeup, and everything just so isn’t worth it for a silly, three hour dance. My friends and I ended up leaving half an hour early. I don’t know, I used to really love school dances, but after having been to so many, they’re just all the same.


Senior prom is definitely something that’s a bit too hyped up. If I could go back and change anything, I would’ve stopped myself from getting stressed over everything and just enjoyed my final prom. You might think to yourself that everything needs to be perfect- that you need to buy that perfect dress even if it is $1,000, but you really don’t. All that matters is that you go with someone you have fun with, and spend a lot of time with your friends, because your time in high school is running out.


My dress was five layers– five layers!! Although I loved my dress, I’m not quite sure I would’ve still bought it if I knew how much alterations would cost. But I mean over all, everything ended up okay. Prom was fun and without a doubt a night I will remember. (but prom weekend was way better haha!)

That’s it for prom, but expect a post about my trip to Disney coming this week! Love you guys! xo


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