End of the Year Festivities- Senior Trip

Do all high schools go to Disney World for their senior trip?? Everyone I know does. Except for a few Catholic schools that is.


I went to Disney World about a month ago for my senior trip and it was awesome! I have only been to Disney once and I was like 5 and I only went for 2 days so it was all pretty new to me.

Disney World is a lot of fun, no matter what age you are. The rides aren’t too thrilling, but they’re not at all lame either. The shows are amazing, and the fireworks are beautiful. My biggest regret is I wish I had set up more fast passes because the lines are LONG!


The first day in Disney I went to Epcot. I really, really loved Epcot. It’s absolutely beautiful and personally, this was my favorite day of the trip. The day was really laid-back and I really love Soarin! That had to be one of my favorite rides and it was well worth the wait. I also went on the Finding Nemo ride which was adorable. I’m a huge Nemo fan! Also, I went on.. Test Track? I think that’s the name? That was a lot of fun too! The wait for the ride was ridiculously long, but I still had fun.

For dinner, we went to a restaurant called Nine Dragons and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been so impressed with a restaurant! Out of all my friends, there wasn’t a single one of us who wasn’t super impressed with our food. I got the sweet & sour pork that had pineapple mixed in with it and a side of broccoli and it was heaven! Plus, our waiter and the service was absolutely fantastic! If you’re ever in Epcot, I HIGHLY recommend this restaurant.

Unfortunately, these were the only dinner reservations we made for the entire trip so no other night was nearly as impressive.

After dinner, I went to see Illuminations. The show was so beautiful and it was just one of those moments you wish you could live in forever. Disney really is a magical place.

The second day, we started off in Animal Kingdom. We weren’t there long and we didn’t go on many rides. We saw the Bug’s Life show which was cool. I’ll admit, I screamed when I got stung in the back! I also went on Expedition Everest. You know, for being a Disney ride it’s actually pretty intense! I liked it a lot!


please excuse the typo lol

Although we didn’t do much in Animal Kingdom, it was still an eventful day. We went to Blizzard Beach after and that was so nice and refreshing because my God, it was hot! I mean obviously it would be, we were in Florida in June, but it really was unbearable. I just got some ice cream and hung out in the wave pool, and enjoyed myself for the next few hours.


That night we went to Hollywood Studio’s and I LOVED Hollywood Studios. It might just be my favorite park.

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster was definitely my favorite ride. The whole Aerosmith theme was really awesome. However, I despised Tower of Terror. I’m not personally a fan of drop rides, but everyone told me it’s not that intense and to go on it just for the experience. Never. Again.

That night I went to see Fantasmic which was INCREDIBLE!! Definitely something you have to see at least once in your life.

The first two days of trip were definitely the best. The third day my class went to Daytona beach. Don’t get me wrong, I love the beach, but that’s something I can do at home. That night we went to downtown Disney. Downtown Disney is cool, but there really isn’t much to do. Definitely my least favorite day


The fourth day was Magic Kingdom. Finally I got to meet some characters!




The characters were all so cute and sweet and Magic Kingdom was so incredible! I got to go on all the classic rides like It’s a Small World and Space Mountain.. which was another one of my favorites! I loved it.

The last day I spent once again in Hollywood Studios. I got to see the parade with all the Disney characters which was super adorable! I also went to see Beauty and the Beast. It was a pretty good way to end the trip!


It was an interesting way to kick off my high school career. Very bittersweet. There are those people who hated high school, and who loved it. For me, senior year was a little rough and not as great as everyone says it is. But I still genuinely enjoyed high school and I’m really going to miss it.

Eventually (hopefully soon) I’ll make a post about my graduation.

… but before I end this post, I have to tell you all about the highlight of my trip!


He was so sweet and OMG so cute! He offered to take this group pic with all of us then he said “Alright, now let’s take one on my phone!”


THEN THIS HAPPENED! He posted it to his Instagram and OMG I’M RIGHT NEXT TO HIM AND HIS ARM WAS AROUND ME! Literally made my trip.

Thank you, Rob Lowe!


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