Some Positive Thoughts

So as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ll be beginning college in the fall!! I haven’t yet chosen my major, but there’s a really big part of me that wants to go for journalism. I totally would, if it wasn’t for all the negativity holding me back.

Whenever I tell someone that I want to major in journalism, they always respond with “is that realistic? that’s a pretty tough field to get into” and they are absolutely 100% right. Maybe it’s not realistic. But there are plenty people out there making a living in journalism, why can’t I be one of them?

Honestly, if you want to be the next big pop star or the next best selling author, why can’t you? Someone has to be. Obviously you’re not going to wake up one day and have everything you’ve ever wanted (although it’s possible), you’re most likely going to have to work for it. But I believe we should never give up on working towards are dreams because they’re “unrealistic.” If it’s what you enjoy, do it, and if it’s meant to happen it will be.

When people used to tell me “everything happens for a reason” I used to just turn the other direction. When you’re miserable or when something in your life is going wrong, you really don’t want to hear that. However, I’ve been dealing with a lot these past few months and I’ve learned that it’s true. There may be a time in your life where something may be going terribly wrong and you feel like the world is against you, but in time everything will turn out. For every bad day there are two good ones. So maybe the boy/girl you like doesn’t like you back- maybe there’s someone better who will be coming along soon. Maybe you didn’t get into your dream college- maybe they couldn’t lead you to the successful life you want anyways. Maybe you didn’t get the career you had always thought you dreamed of- maybe it wouldn’t have allowed you to have the three kids you wouldn’t trade the world for.

At this point, I’m just going to trust the path life is leading me on. I’m going to try my best to accomplish my dreams, but if they don’t work out then I mean, hey, at least I tried and now I know that things just weren’t meant to be. I trust that no matter what happens, I will be okay and I will be happy.

Sorry if this post was just one big ramble. I just think we all need a little bit of positivity in our lives.

Thanks for reading!

-Andrea xo


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