My Not So Strange Addiction

The other day, my mom bought a really nice, brand new car. As nice as the car is, I didn’t understand why because she had just bought another brand new car just a year ago. Pretty much, she’s addicted to buying cars. So this got us talking to other things we’re addicted to buying. My mom likes to buy cars (which is way too expensive of a thing to be addicted to), my oldest brother is obsessed with superheroes and buys a ton of comic books (he’s 25 lol), and my other brother owns every movie in existence (which is super convenient for me).

I have an addiction with buying books. I don’t know why because I don’t even read that often. I try to read a lot, I would like to read more to be honest, but it’s hard because I just don’t really have time. Still, I always find myself browsing online looking for new books when I already have a list of about 20 unread books I’d like to read and another 10 I’d like to reread.

In case you were wondering, some of my favorite authors include Kurt Vonnegut and Chuck Palahniuk. I recently read Haunted by Palahniuk and it’s gotta be the most twisted story I’ve ever read. None the less, one of the best.

Currently I’m reading Looking For Alaska by John Green. Despite my obsession with books, this is the only John Green book I own. None of his other stories really interest me, but I’ve heard lots of wonderful things about this book so I would like to see if it’s worth the hype.

I can’t stop buying self help books either. I’m really interested in the power of positive thinking and recently I’ve been buying a lot of books that discuss this. For example, I read a book by Miranda Kerr (my idol) called Treasure Yourself. She has another book that I now MUST buy. The next book in this genre I plan to read is called Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein. I’ve heard great reviews on this book and I’m really looking forward to reading it.

Alright, so as big as my obsession is with buying regular books, I have an even BIGGER obsession with buying notebooks. I can’t help it! I literally own twenty three notebooks (not including ones for school), but I only use about five of them. I can’t help it, they’re just so pretty! If you keep up with my blog, then you know I went to Disney world recently. The only souvenir I bought for myself while I was there is a cute little Mickey Mouse notebook. So since I have so many notebooks and I don’t feel the need to write in all of them and instead just stare at them, I’m very selective in the ones I choose to write in. I decided to start writing in my newest, Mickey Mouse notebook because the cover and the pages are just all so pretty! The notebook has a cute, vintage-y feel and I love it! But now whenever I try to write in it, a bunch of pages fall out! I’m beyond disappointed.


Anyways, what are you addicted to buying? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!



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