Random Post Bc I am Happy (^:

So these past few days for me have been AWESOME and basically I just wanted to write about how happy I am.

The happiness all began with a great sale.

Because I mean, who doesn’t love a sale? But this wasn’t any sale, this is by far the best sale I have ever come by.

So every season, Plato’s Closet has this sale where you stuff as much stuff into this tiny bag and get the bag for $10. What’s annoying about this is the bag is really small and rips easily (but they will replace it for you if you rip through it. I went through about ten), the dressing rooms aren’t open so you aren’t really able to try stuff on unless you do it in the middle of the store, and it’s absolutely packed (definitely not a sale for the claustrophobic.) However, this sale was totally worth it. I rolled everything I wanted and had $141 worth of stuff! All for $10! Plus, my cashier was super nice and let me go back to pick up a dress I couldn’t quite fit in my bag. It was pretty awesome.

I went home and tried everything on and I was bummed to find out the dress my cashier let me steal was too big along with this other stunning cutout dress by Bebe. There were two other dresses that were a little big as well but I’m hoping I could fix them with a safety pin. Still, I got a ton of stuff I love and it was all for only $10! I wore this one outfit I bought at by Rutgers orientation the next day.


While I bought this outfit from Plato’s Closet, the top is actually from Urban Outfitters and the brown corduroy shorts I found with the tags still on them from TJ Maxx. But on that note, on to orientation!



I went to orientation with the girl I’m rooming with and we had both planned to just hang out with each other the whole time because neither of us thought we’d make friends. We were so wrong! We had different orientation groups and both made a ton of friends in our groups so I ended up not seeing her at all. While it sucks we didn’t hang out at all, I’m really happy we both made friends! I absolutely adore the girls I met and I hope we stay friends when college starts next month! We’re all in a group chat and we’ve added each other on basically every social media site so I think we just might!

Orientation really was a great time despite all the boring lectures. There was a dance party and a bunch of fun activities. My new friends and I all painted pictures. I’m not really artistic, so mine didn’t come out nearly as great as theirs. But still, it was so much fun and it went way better than expected. (Even though I did get locked out of my bedroom and had to call for help.) I can’t wait for college!



The day after orientation, I went down the shore with two of my best friends and that just added to my whole ‘good vibes’ thing I got goin’ on. I love the beach so much and I haven’t been since prom weekend! So I went and it was the perfect beach day! The weather was beautiful and we sat close enough to the ocean so we could feel a cool breeze.

Basically, life is so good right now that I honestly couldn’t ask for anything more. Except for maybe a cheeseburger because I’m pretty hungry.

But my computer is about to die and I’m too lazy to plug it in so that’s all for now!

Thanks for reading!



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