10 Things My Mother Says

Hey guys! Sorry for having to bring up college in every single one of my posts… BUT IT’S ONLY 2 WEEKS AWAY!!! I’m so excited, but I’m also so sad to be leaving all my friends and family. And my dog. Especially my dog.

But also, more than anything, I’m going to miss my mom.

My mom inspired these posts because these are 10 of her absolute favorite phrases. Some annoying phrases I won’t miss as much, and some things I’m pretty sure all mothers say. Anyways, here are 10 things my mother (and yours probably too) says:

  1. “What do you think I’m made of money?” Uh, hello? Isn’t that what M.O.M stands for? (sorry for the corny, overdone joke but I couldn’t resist)
  2. “I’m so sick of being everyone’s maid!” Okay, I know all moms say this. Sorry, mom!
  3. “Call me when you get there.” Although this could get annoying, it’s good to know your mother cares. I’ll miss this in college.
  4. “So how’s *insert boy’s name here*?” Honestly, I could bring up a guy once and that’s it. My mom will be convinced he’s my new long-term boyfriend and ask about him daily and beg to meet him.
  5. “I’m never getting grandkids.” So I don’t think this is one most mothers day, but it’s one my mom certainly says a lot. I have two brothers. My oldest brother is 25 and single with no intentions of getting married or having kids. My other brother is 23, gay, and doesn’t want to adopt or anything. I’m still young and don’t really know what I want, but I don’t find marriage and children a priority. In fact, I don’t really know if I want either. But like I said, I’m still young and anything could happen. Still, my mother is super concerned she may never get grandchildren.
  6. “You just don’t get it.” This has to be the thing my mom says to me most often. She’ll literally say this is any given situation.

Me: Mom, can I have $10 to go to the movies?

Mom: Andie, if I give you money I can’t afford to pay the mortgage. You just don’t get it.

Me: Mom, is it okay if I stay out a little later tonight?

Mom: Andie, there are crazy people out at night. You just don’t get it.

Me:001 (2)

7. “When I was your age…” This is something she says mostly directed towards any guys I’m dating. “When I was your age, my boyfriend would always pick me up and he would always walk me to the door and he would always pay for me.” The thing is, most boys still do this, but my God if they don’t, my mom is going to have a huge problem. But the other issue with this is most girls don’t even want this anymore. Now, girls want to drive themselves and they want to pay for their own meal. Things are completely and 100% different than when our parents were young. As my mom would say, “you just don’t get it.”

8. “Dessert NEVER goes to waste.” This is the #1 rule in my house. We can waste dinner, but never dessert. Especially not chocolate. I don’t think this is a common rule in people’s households, but it’s very important in mine.

9. “Your room is a pigsty.” Yeah well ya know I know where everything is at and I’m quite content living in a pigsty.

10. “Make the boys work for you, you don’t work for the boys.” Basically everything a feminist might stand for, my mom is the complete opposite. She’s very old school and believes boys should put in all the effort. I’m not gonna lie though, I do live by this quote in a sense. However, if you meet someone totally amazing and your completely smitten, sitting around waiting for them to come to you might not get you very far and you’ll just end up sad and lonely.

That’s it for this post! Does your mother ever say any of these? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!



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