Miss Bloggin’

Wow. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to sit down and write my thoughts. I’ve been in college for two months and I haven’t once been able to sit down and write freely. I’ve just been so busy and with having to write so many papers, there isn’t much left in me to be able to write more.

But the reason I love this blog so much is that I could write literally whatever I want and not have to worry about what others think. I can write it for my own personal satisfaction and not have to worry about grades or anything. And if other people enjoy reading it, then even better.

I’m not able to write as much as I used to, but I’m going to try writing more because I find myself going insane if I don’t.

College has been insane. Lots of work, lots of parties. My life has completely changed within the past two months. Absolutely nothing is the same. I live somewhere new, I have a whole new group of friends, new classes, new clubs, and new interests.

I absolutely love my friends. My roommate and I get along super well and I think we’re a pretty solid combination. We’re both slobs! And my floormates are AMAZING! I could not ask for better floormates. They have so quickly become my best friends.

IMG_1632 IMG_1379 IMG_1515

I’ve been taking journalism and communication classes. It turns out, journalism is actually pretty hard. I think it’s just my professor and his teaching style. He gives us a lot of information to study and the only grades we get are our exam grades. And he doesn’t give us any kinds of ideas of whats on the exam. So yeah. I’m strugglin. Communication is better though, which is good since it will probably be my major. I’m thinking about double majoring in Communication/PR and English. I’ll probably even minor in something but that is tbd.

I’m trying to get involved which is hard because I’m already so busy. I spend so much time studying plus I work. But right now I’m involved with my schools radio station. I really wanna be a DJ. I’ve always loved all the different aspects of journalism and I’ve never done anything involving broadcasting before, so this seemed like a great opportunity. Who knows, maybe it’ll be my calling.

Life is pretty good. Of course I miss home sometimes. I miss my friends even though most of my closer friends have already come to visit me in these past two months. Keeping in touch is hard since we’re all busy doing our own things now with our new friends. I can’t complain about my life right now, but sometimes I think about it and it makes me sad. I’ll never sit in a classroom full of the kids I spent the past four years with. I definitely¬†wouldn’t want another year of high school, but I wouldn’t mind one more day. It sucks knowing there are some people I’ll never see again, but there are also some people I don’t need and who I’m better off without. So far the friends I’ve made have been nothing but awesome. I know all my best friends from high school will keep in touch. It may be hard sometimes, but I know everything will work out in the end. My life is going the best it’s gone in awhile, and that’s all that matters.


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