Creative Ways to Hit on Someone

Looking for a new way to hit on the hottie in your chem class, or that cute girl you always see at the bar? No worries, below are the most creative stories of ways people have been hit on (or have hit on others) and whether or not they were successful.


“Once a guy approached me and said, ‘Did you know one out of every four girls in a grey hoodie wants to go to the movies with me?’ I was wearing a grey hoodie.” -Margaux, 18

Successful: YES!

“One time a kid in my club made a fan page of me.” -Nicole, 18

Successful: NO

“At a raffle for a dance my junior year this kid paid $500 to dance with me.” -Nicole, 18

Successful: YES!

“The funniest pickup line has to be ‘Let me wipe off your seat for you’ guy wipes face” -Yasmine, 18

Successful: NO (and it’s raunchy as hell)

“At a carnival, this boy came up to me and asked me to feel his hoodie. Afterwards he asked, ‘Isn’t it soft? It’s called boyfriend material.'” -Sabrina, 19

Successful: YES!

“On a giving Tuesday, I went up to a guy and said “It’s giving Tuesday so I’m going to give you a compliment; you’re hot as hell.’ In return, he gave me his phone number.” -Nicole, 18

Successful: YES

“I was on the boardwalk with my friends and the guy walking behind me started serenading me! It was the cutest thing.” -ME

Successful: YES

Some tips I hope you have gained from this: cheesy pickup lines CAN be successful, but don’t be too raunchy, or too creepy. Hope this helped!


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