Pet Peeves

Quite some time ago, I wrote a post called “17 Things I Can’t Even” which you can find here

In that post, I said how I had brainstormed a ton of pet peeves and how one day I would write a pet peeves list. Well, that day is today. Here are some of my BIGGEST pet peeves. Most of these are relatable, while some are just consequences from my own OCD.

  1. People who don’t cover their mouth when they cough/sneeze- Why?? Why must you spread your nasty, sick germs all over the place? Did you not learn the ‘sneeze into your elbow’ rule when you were a kid?
  2. People who try to force their beliefs on you- One of my least favorite types of people are those whom do not have an open mind. NO ONE has any room to judge ANYONE for their life choices (unless maybe if they’re like a murderer or something but you get my point). Along with this, just because you believe one thing doesn’t mean everyone has to believe the same. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. In fact, I like meeting people with different beliefs from mine because they always enlighten me with new viewpoints and I learn something I had not known before.
  3. Reality television- I hate reality television and I hate when people only watch reality television. It’s not real television! It’s all repetitive drama about rich snobs who are famous for no reason (*cough* The Kardashians *cough*).
  4. When people chew their gum like a cow- It’s gross and distracting. Please chew your gum like a human.
  5. People who ask a million questions- I hate when I get asked a million questions, and what I hate even more is when I get asked a million questions about someone else because odds are, I don’t know the answer!
  6. When you’re trying to talk to someone but they’re too busy texting- It’s just rude. You’re with me so please pay some attention to me. Your boyfriend/girlfriend can wait.
  7. When people intertwine their forks- This is definitely a personal pet peeve. I don’t know why, but the sound and the look make me cringe.
  8. Attention seekers- I’ve always been a super laid-back and mellow person, so when I see people being really loud and obnoxious to visibly gain other people’s attention, I get a little bothered. You could stand out and get someone to notice you without being so loud and without trying to steal the spotlight from others.
  9. Water stains on silverware- Another personal pet peeve. I just can’t stand the way it looks.
  10. Nail biting- It’s a gross habit that ruins your fingernails. For some reason, I notice people’s hands a lot and I don’t like when they have little nubs as fingernails, it’s just a really big pet peeve. I also don’t like when I’m trying to talk to someone and they can’t take their fingers out of their mouth.
  11. When people try to talk to me when I have headphones in- headphone
  12. Sunglasses when it’s not sunny- I have a friend who does this often because she thinks it’s “fashionable.” But odds are if you’re wearing sunglasses inside, people just think you look silly.
  13. People who eat your food with our asking- Is it really that difficult to ask? I’ll probably say yes. I just don’t want your grubby fingers in my food without asking.
  14. One word replies- BudXvMQIEAALndX
  15. When there isn’t enough cereal in the box for a full bowl- This goes for any food really- cereal, ice cream, chips. If you’re going to leave a little left that is not enough to satisfy another person, just finish it! Leaving a small amount is such a tease.
  16. When people can’t control their kids- Please do not bring your children into public if all they do is run around and cause chaos. Keep your kids under control.
  17. People who wear fake glasses- If you have perfect vision, you do not know how blessed you are. I’d kill to be able to wake up in the morning and to not have to put in contacts or wear glasses. I hate wearing glasses so much that it just blows my mind people actually go out and buy fake ones.

That’s all of my pet peeves. Sorry if I offended anyone! I just had to let it out.

What are your biggest pet peeves?


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