How to Look Bomb for Formal

Whether it’s a college formal, prom, or whatever it is- it’s formal season. There is a lot of thought put into formal between hair, makeup, shoes, finding a date. Here’s all the steps you need to not only look bomb but to have a bomb time.

Step 1: Finding the perfect dress

Dress shopping is one of the most stressful parts of formal. Everyone wants that perfect dress that leaves boys standing with their jaws dropped. Here’s my advice: go dress shopping early. It doesn’t matter if you have a date yet- you’ll find one and if not, you’re going to this formal regardless. Dress shop early to maximize your options. Another tip would be to bring your most trusted friend who will be honest with you and tell you what looks good and what doesn’t. But, even if your friend doesn’t approve of a dress that you love, buy whatever it is you want. It’s your formal and you should wear whatever it is you like and you feel comfortable in.

Step 2: Shoes

If you plan to wear your shoes the whole night, you better buy shoes you are comfortable in. If you solely plan on wearing your heels only for pictures, comfort may not be as important as style. Still, learn to walk in your heels before hand. Practice walking around your house, break in the heels, get used to them. If you’re wearing a black or white dress, maybe buy heels that stand out.


Step 3: Accessories

Accessorize!! If you have an open neck, wear a standout necklace or a nice pair of drop earrings. If you feel your dress stands out enough, but you still want to accessorize, maybe add a simple bracelet. Whatever you do, do not overdo it!

Step 4: Finding a date

Finding a date could be super stressful for some. Here’s my best advice: bring someone you’ll have fun with. Avoid bringing someone you feel like you’ll have to babysit all night or someone you might feel awkward with. Maybe you want someone more attractive that’ll look better in pictures, but really think about whether you’ll have a good time with this person. What’s more important, the pictures or enjoying yourself?

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Step 5: Hair

Decide whether you want to get your hair done or if you’ll do it yourself. Browse the internet to find hairdo ideas. If you’re doing it yourself or having a friend do it, practice before hand. Updo’s look great with dresses with unique detailing on the backs or shoulders. My personal favorite hairstyle is curls that are pushed to one side.

Step 6: Makeup

Same as hair- decide whether you are getting your makeup done or if you’re doing it yourself. Practice doing it beforehand. Yes, this is a formal occasion, but you still want to avoid wearing too much. Too much makeup could make you look cake-y. Choose one key feature to accentuate whether it be your eyes or your lips, but don’t do both. Also, keep your dress in mind. If your dress is bold, you might want to be more subtle with your makeup.

Step 7: Pictures

Stand up straight and lower your chin. Also, make sure to SMILE! If you feel good and you feel confident, it will come across in pictures. Be excited, formal is coming!


Step 8: Have fun!

Most importantly, have fun at your formal. Even if the worst happens like your dress rips or your date is being a jerk, ignore it. Go hang out with your friends and enjoy yourself. This is your moment and you want to be able to look back at this night with positive thoughts, not dwell on something that could have been better. Not everything is going to go perfectly, but it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you have fun! I know I sure did at my formal!

Formal is such an exciting time for everyone. You all know you love getting dressed up.

So have fun, and good luck!





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