Thinkin’ Bout You (Freshman Year)

And just like that, my freshman year of college is complete. It’s so absurd to me that I already have completed one year. It’s so weird- it feels like everything has changed, yet nothing has changed. I left for a whole school year. I’m back. I’m still the exact same person. My morals haven’t changed, and neither have my dreams. I definitely learned a lot about myself this past year. I gained a ton of new friends and encountered many new experiences. In a nutshell: It was awesome.

It all kicked off with a little carnival Rutgers through for us full of bouncy houses and pizza. This was a great way to start off the school year. I met a ton of people at the carnival, and while most of them I haven’t seen since, it was cool to go around and socialize. It was also a great bonding experience with my roommate!


Rutgers offers this thing called a Flex pass- it’s pretty awesome. Basically you spend $45 and you get a full semester of unlimited classes of almost anything you can imagine (fitness related, of course). I bought one for my first semester and did yoga, ballet, and zumba every week!



There’s always something going on at the Rut. In the fall, there was a huge bonfire that me and all of my floormates went to. This was one of the first times I bonded with everyone on my floor. Although the bonfire itself was a bit lame, I’m glad I got to get to know all of these awesome people. And look how cute we are twinning!


Thanks to RUPA, I had the opportunity to see some awesome comedians! This year I got to see Nasim Pedrad which was amazing since I’m a huge SNL fan. I also got to see Dave Coulier. My childhood self would have been FREAKING out… or slightly disturbed. Either way, I was happy.

Going to a school with a football team in the Big 10 is pretty cool I must say, especially for someone whose high school didn’t have a football team. I was really excited to go to the football games every week with my friends. Little did I know, football is actually pretty boring. But the tailgates, however, quite a good time.



There were also the cute little visits from my friends back home that made me oh so happy.


As much as I love my friends from home, it was great making new friends in my dorm. I met some amazing people this year, and a few new friends I know I’ll have for life. Shoutout to these people for making my freshman year as incredible as it was.




Getting close to these people was all thanks to bonding experiences like getting tattoos and crepe dates on College Ave.

And let’s not forget when I got my belly button pierced with my future roomie for her birthday and it hurt like a bitch, but was definitely worth it considering all I wear are crop tops. (ps that’s not my future roomie)


Halloweekend: A weekend where you  are pretty much forced to buy three different costumes so you can go out Thursday-Saturday. These costumes could cost as much as $50, but cover little to no skin. This year I was a playboy bunny, Little Red Riding Hood, and Luigi. All for around $40. Not that bad.


Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


Along with Halloweekend came frat parties in general…


And with frat parties came themed parties #hello1980

ps that IS my future roomie


and some days, there were even dorm room parties


One of my favorites would have to be dages, aka parties during the day. I love being outside in nice weather, what can I say?


The snowstorm was dreadful. Having to trudge all the way to the dining hall if I wanted food, or starve other wise wasn’t that enjoyable. But when I eventually did take the adventure with my floormates, we realized it wasn’t that bad… and that next time we’ll just starve.


During finals week, Rutgers puts on this thing called midnight breakfast where the dining hall opens at midnight and they put out breakfast and also all of the good fruit (aka strawberries) which they never seem to have on normal days. All of my floormates and I took a break from studying and went, but we made sure to go in style.


Rutgers has many different campus’s and all are full of fun stuff to do. Like Cook has a farm, Busch has the football stadium, Livi has cute restaurants, and College Ave has one of my personal favorites, the Zimmerli Art Museum.


I wrote a post solely about this experience in the past, but I can’t write about my freshman year without mentioning it. Dance Marathon. Truly one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had the pleasure of taking part of. It took a lot of hard work and some money, but it was genuinely so rewarding.


Rushing was ridiculously stressful. Between putting together the perfect outfit and worrying what you’re going to talk about, recruitment is scary. But if you truly just relax and be yourself, you’ll end up exactly where you belong. I know I did.


Once rushing is done and you get your bid, it’s time for pledging. The eight week long process is pretty dreadful because it takes up so much spare time. Really, all your time is going to philanthropy and bonding with your sisters, so its not as bad as you may think it is. But still, all you want is to be able to call yourself a sister. You’ll definitely have to put in some time during the pledging process, but it’s worth it. I’ve grown so close to my sisters because of it. I have absolutely no regrets.


One of my favorite memories from my freshman year- big/little. Getting my big was SO exciting. Although I already had a good guess at who my big was, it was still a great feeling to open up that slip of paper and see her name inside.


And then initiation and finally becoming a sister. All of that hard work paid off. I’m officially in a sisterhood full of my amazing new friends supporting a philanthropy I love. What’s better than that?


Shoutout to one of my best friends for bringing me to his date night because I really wanted to wear this dress. It’s from Forever 21 in case you were wondering.


Also, shoutout to the cute Australian boy I met for hanging out with me for the final two months of school. Thanks for being a great formal date, you will be missed 😦



My floormates and I ended off the year with a nice family dinner to the Cheesecake factory. It was my first time ever going there, and definitely not my last. Yeah, sure maybe my mac & cheese cheeseburger was a bit overpriced, but it was probably the best burger I’ve ever had. And the Godiva cheesecake? To die for.


I’m missing these people more and more each day. I’m so happy I can look back on my freshman year with nothing but positive thoughts. This was truly the best year of my life with such amazing memories I will never forget. Thanks to these guys for being with me through it all. Here’s to three more years! Hope they are as amazing as this one.


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