I was fortunate enough to go to a high school where we had not only one field trip, but two. My senior year of high school, we went to Disney World which I wrote about here. Disney World is an awesome field trip, but my personal experience was not the greatest.  I found the experience to be quite overrated. The lines were long for rides that were not that exciting. Any good food was far out of my budget, and souvenirs were so expensive and flat out, not worth it. A trip I for some reason, never wrote about, at least not that I can recall, was a trip my school took my junior year of high school. This year, we went to Busch Gardens.


(wow I wish I wore different socks.. and what the heck is my hair??)

It’s odd that I am reminiscing on this trip now. This was my junior year of high school and here I am going into my sophomore year of college. But this was just one of those trips I will never forget. It has to be in the top five best experiences of my life. It was a five hour bus ride to Virginia, but even that was fun. On the bus ride there, me and my friend took a picture each hour. We watched movies and all hung out on the bus, and it was a great time! The first night we went go-karting which is something I had never done before and I loved it.


I rode my first real roller coaster in Busch Gardens. I had such a fear of roller coasters and I was freaking out on the inside. A few of my other friends were also afraid of roller coasters and we were the designated bag holders for all of our friends who actually did go on the rides. But no, I refused. I had flashbacks to a trip I went on in the eighth grade to an amusement park where I had a terrible time because I didn’t go on any rides and instead had to wait, toppling over with everyone’s stuff. Not this time. I got over my fear, got on a roller coaster, and well, it wasn’t bad. I’m not the biggest fan in the world of roller coasters still, but I know what roller coasters I can and can’t handle. And because I got over my fear and got on a roller coaster, I had a way better time than I would have on this trip. My first roller coaster was called Alpengeist and it was actually really fun. I went on it twice in a row. I remember going on this one roller coaster that I also went on twice, it was called Verbolten. When I looked at the roller coaster from the outside, I assumed it was a children’s ride. I was so wrong. The roller coaster was actually so intense. At one point it came to a complete stop in pitch black dark and I thought the ride was broken down when suddenly it just did a straight drop… it was intense, but oh so fun.

I also remember one night we had a little party in our hotel where we sang karaoke and danced and it was such a great way to bond with all of my friends.


As much as I love college, there are some memories from high school I would do anything to relive. This is certainly one of them. My junior trip was such an incredible experience and I am in disbelief it was so long ago. I would do anything to go back.


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