What’s In My Purse

Since it’s summer, I don’t have any classes which means I don’t need to carry a big backpack around with me all the time. Instead I carry around a cute small to medium sized cross body bag full of only the essentials. Personally, I don’t feel the need to carry around with me a big body bag full of crap ever unless if I’m going to class and need textbooks or a laptop. Instead I’ll usually switch between two cross body bags depending on the day and how much stuff I need to carry. Cross body bags are my all time favorite because they are secure around my body and are the perfect size.


This cross-body bag was a Christmas present from my brother a few years back. It is a beautiful Michael Kors medium sized red purse with the gold MK logo. It is one of my go-to purses. Wanna see what’s inside?

Wallet– Obviously I carry my wallet at all times because this is where I carry all of my cards , ID, and cash. This wallet is from Kenneth Cole and I love it because I love all things purple.


Keys– I of course always have my house key and car key on me at all times and I keep my keys on this cute little ZTA lanyard.


Lip balm– Currently I’ve been loving this Rosebud Salve because it adds so much hydration to my lips. Plus they last forever and are super cheap! You can buy these at Ulta!


Glasses– I always carry my glasses on me in case my contacts ever start to bother me. I wear daily contacts so if that’s the case, I toss them and throw on my glasses. I just bought a new pair. This pair is from Ralph Lauren.


Water bottle– Hydration is important so I always keep water on me. I’ve been carrying plastic ones but I also sometimes will keep a Rutgers reusable one when I’m at school.


Concealer– This is something I’ll bring depending on the day. If I’m gonna be gone for awhile I’ll usually bring concealer just so I can touch up my makeup if necessary. This is Nars Creamy Concealer in the shade Custard.


Phone– Essential. I always need my phone on me.


Earbuds– This is another thing I’ll bring depending on the day. If I’m going to be on a long car ride where I can’t blast my music or somewhere I’m bored I’ll usually bring earbuds.


A small snack-I always keep a little snack like a granola bar (Luna bars are my all time fave) or maybe a chocolate bar in my bag. Currently I’ve been keeping just a little bag of peanuts in my bag.


So there you have it! This is what I keep in my everyday purse when I go to work or out with my friends or whatever it is! Hope you enjoyed!


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