Formal Recruitment Tips

Continuing with my formal recruitment posts, here are all of my best tips for formal recruitment! Fall recruitment is on its way and these tips really helped me through recruitment, and I promise they’ll help you as well.

TIP # 1: My first tip is very important and that is to be open minded. Don’t judge the sororities until you meet them. When I first began recruitment, I found a sorority I originally didn’t think I’d like to end up being one of my favorites and even being my #2 in the end. Stay open minded because you don’t know what each sorority has to offer just yet. Along with this, don’t pick a sorority based on reputation and rumors you heard. Decide for yourself how you feel about each sorority and pick one where you truly feel like you’d fit in.

TIP #2: This is a piece of advice I was given during recruitment when choosing for the final round. If you left your coat at one of the houses, which house would you feel most comfortable knocking on the door? This is something to think through recruitment. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable knocking on the door asking for your coat, then it’s not the sorority for you.

TIP #3: When going through recruitment, make a list in your mind of possible subjects to ease into the conversation. Think of an interesting fact or two about yourself to make yourself more memorable. For example, mine was that I met Rob Lowe at an airport and made it onto his Instagram. Another one is that my dad lives in Italy. These interesting facts started a unique conversation that made me more memorable. Other great facts to bring up about yourself is any community service you did in the past. Sororities love hearing about these kinds of things because it means you would be great in helping with the philanthropy.

TIP #4: Have questions prepared. Unfortunately, awkward silences are inevitable during recruitment. The sister you are talking to might be just as nervous as you are and might run out of things to say. If this is the case, have a few questions prepared. Ask about philanthropy or the house. My go-to question was “What made you choose this sorority?” It’s a question that always really made the sister think and the answer is something I genuinely cared about and made an impact on my decision.

TIP #5: Don’t gush about a sorority, and don’t diss another. When you’re talking about a sister, don’t tell her how much you love a sorority, even if it’s her sorority. And don’t diss any sororities either. It’s okay to express that you’re having a good time, but don’t be like “OMG I can’t wait to call this place my home I TOTES belong here!” because you will freak her out. Stay calm, and stay neutral.

TIP #6: Avoid name dropping. Name dropping could be great for conversation starters, but it could also be very dangerous. For example, you realize the sister you’re talking to went to the same high school as someone you know back home. You ask her about it and it turns out, they hate each other. That doesn’t reflect well on you. Along with this, the sisters are trying to get to know you not your mutual friend. Name dropping could lead to talking more about this person than yourself, and this is the one time it’s crucial for you to be talking about yourself.

TIP #7: Be respectful. Be kind to the sister you’re talking to, even if you have no interest in that sorority. Even if the conversation is boring and awkward, do not, and I mean do not, pull out your phone. That is extremely disrespectful. The sisters worked hard preparing for recruitment and you should give them your full attention.

TIP #8: Don’t talk about the 3 B’s- Boys, Booze, and Blunts. You should remain very modest during formal recruitment. Both in the way you dress and the way you speak. Don’t talk about boys you’ve kissed and parties you’ve been to. It’s simply inappropriate. Sororities won’t have much interest in recruiting someone who only talks about their boyfriend or alcohol.

TIP #9: Wear a standout accessory. Wear something bold that will make you more memorable. Sisters meet a ton of girls during formal recruitment and sometimes it’s hard to remember everyone. Make yourself a little more memorable by making a fashion statement. For me, I wore a bold necklace for the first and third round. For the second round, I wore bold tights. Find what works for you.

TIP #10: Don’t go out the weekend of recruitment. You can survive one weekend without partying, I promise. The last thing you want is to run into a sister you talked to earlier in the day while you’re totally plastered or be extremely hungover the next day during recruitment that your head hurts too bad to hold a conversation. Give up partying this weekend. It’ll be worth it.

TIP #11: This tip really only applies to those rushing in the winter, so if you are bring a coat, sweatpants, and comfortable shoes. Keep your heels or flats in a bag and when it’s time to go in the house, do a quick change and hand your stuff off to your Pi Chi. It’ll make the recruitment process all the more bearable.

TIP #12: Have faith. Recruitment is scary and you might be totally unsure of where you’ll end up. You might be rejected from your top choice, or realize you love sororities you didn’t think you would. Don’t be nervous, and follow your heart as cheesy as that sounds. I assure you, you will end up where you belong.

To all you lovely ladies going out for recruitment, have fun and good luck! If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to ask!


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