Football Game OOTD

It’s football season which means tailgates, soft pretzels, and spirited outfits! One of my favorite parts about being a Rutgers student is our Big 10 football games. I love how much spirit my school has (even though we end up losing a lot of the time) and how the games bring us all together!







I’m wearing a Rutgers halter tank top I bought at a Rutgers student center paired with Abercrombie low rise shorts. I decided to spice up the outfit with Rutgers knee high socks that are available at Pink (Pink has super cute Rutgers apparel) and shell top Adidas.

I decided to do my makeup quite heavy with heavily lined eyes, winged mascara, and red lipstick. Instead of wearing my Rutgers hat that I most often opt towards for football games, I chose to curl my hair and put it up in a half pony. I felt like a cute little cheerleader, although afterwards I have to admit my hairband was so knotted in my hair I had to cut it out lolol.




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