Creative Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is vastly approaching and sometimes we don’t feel like putting elaborate costumes together or we don’t make any plans and then last minute get a phone call about a party you just can’t miss. Well whatever the scenario, you need a costume and fast. Instead of being just another black cat at a party, here are simple yet creative last minute halloween costumes for you. NO ARTS & CRAFTS NECESSARY!

  1. Buy a Onesie at Walmart. They cost about $10-20 and can turn you into anything. Here is me as a Ninja Turtle on Black Friday.


2.Be a Super Hero. Also at Walmart are tee shirts with super hero prints that come with Velcro capes. Here is me as a Ninja Turtle.. again. I bought the tee shirt at Walmart and the hat at Party City.


  1. Follow my friends idea and be a scarecrow! Wear a flannel top and paint your face and your all set.


4. A princess– Wear an old homecoming dress and add a tiara

59ee18b6618f3446187f79b73337c34f.jpg5. Pin up girl– Wear a polka dot dress, red lipstick with matching pumps, and curl your hair and you are ready to go!


  1. 80’s girl– Wear a body suit with bright tights and if you have them, leg warmers! Then put your hair up into a high pony and glide on some bright eyeliner.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

7. Risky Business– All you need is a white button down, white briefs, sunglasses, and white socks. Simple enough.


8.The Little Mermaid– Wear a purple bra and a green skirt and bam.. you’re a mermaid! Well, close enough


  1. An emoji– Wear all black and print out an emoji mask


  1. Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s– All you need is a black dress and some pearls.


  1. Wednesday Addams– no makeup necessary, just a black dress and braided pigtails.


  1. Rosie the Riveter– tie up your denim shirt and throw on a red bandana.


  1. Blair Waldorf– Put together your preppiest outfit with a cute skirt and blazer and make sure to add her staple piece.. a cute headband!

65420a44d346967e6d2a986bd476c36a.jpg14. Burglar– Wear a black and white striped top with black jeans and a ski mask and most importantly, make sure to carry around a big sack with you!

y15. Kylie Jenner– put on a tight dress and over draw your lips.. a lot. Then constantly take selfies where ever you go. Since her hair color is always changing, the wig is totally optional.

ddbc93da11611a78a9db873e8baa48e016. Ariana Grande– put on a circle skirt and crop top and put your hair in a half pony.

89433c439ec92aa066721a4f4fc0d42317. Kim Possible- green pants and a black crop top

e28422434c34664a4b48c13170cbc92318. Waldo– One of my favorites, put on a red and white striped shirt, a hat, and glasses and where’s Waldo?


  1. Hippie– put on a flow crop top with flared pants or a maxi skirt and add a pair of cute round sunglasses or a flower crown


Happy Halloween, and good luck!

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