Halloweekend is one of the most infamous weekends for college students such as myself. Unlike when we were children and dressed up in warm costumes and went door-to-door trick or treating, Halloweekend involves little clothing and sweaty basements and a 3-day adventure full of wild parties and interesting encounters. Wanna check out my costumes this year?


Thursday night I dressed up as a Hooters waitress with my big! I have to say, this was my favorite costume because it was just so comfortable.Literally all this costume consists of is shorts, a tank top, and sneakers. SO comfortable! I also bought this costume on eBay because I don’t think people exactly make Hooters halloween costumes?? I may be wrong, but I bought this authentic costume, and it was super cheap too! ALSO I do not know why I am holding A1 sauce. I just felt like this costume needed a prop so I grabbed what was available. I’m sorry to all you Hooters fans!!


This costume was also super comfortable even though the wings were slightly inconvenient. But okay; funny story. I bought this costume when I was in the 5th grade! Obviously it fit me WAY different and I also wore a ridiculous wig to make myself seem super dark and scary, but now the costume fits me totally differently so I decided to save some money and re-wear it. This might not work for every costume, but I totally recommend going through some of your old costumes and seeing which ones still fit you, or seeing if you can recreate them to make something new!


Saturday was my sorority’s date night. I dressed up as a ring leader and had my date dress up as a lion. I found inspiration for this costume through my idol, Miranda Kerr (as seen below). This corset is from Charlotte Russe, and the hat and whip are both from Party City.



Which costume was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!



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