5 Beauty Tips I Live By

Happy Saturday!

Today I wanted to write about 5 beauty tips I swear by. These 5 tips are simple and essential and hopefully something all of you are all doing already. Skin care is super important no matter what age you are and it’s important to take good care of your skin and body. Here are 5 important tips!

  1.  I begin every morning by chugging a bottle of water.We all know water is vital to our routine and has loads of benefits on our skin, our health, our energy level, on our body, and pretty much everything. It’s so important to stay hydrated and to drink lots of water because it could have crucial effects on our skin and could even clear up acne. Dehydration can cause dry skin and wrinkles. Staying hydrated will make your skin brighter and your hair shinier. Start each day by chugging a cup of water and make sure to drink 8 cups throughout the day!
  2. I make sure to clean my makeup brushes weekly. Cleaning your makeup brushes is extremely important but something many of us neglect to do. It’s important to clean your brushes of all that bacteria that can clog your pores. I wash my brushes by first, running each brush under water to dampen them. Next, I rub each brush on a bar of ivory soap making sure to get in between the bristles. Then I rinse thoroughly.
  3. I use eye cream twice a day. Now for most, using an eye cream twice a day isn’t necessary. Instead an eye cream used once at night before bed is just enough. I have always suffered from dark circles and puffiness, so I use First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy in the morning before applying my concealer. This eye cream is great because it’s light and a nice tan shade that works almost as a light concealer. The best part about this eye cream is its metal applicator used to blend the eye cream. The coldness of the metal is great for de-puffing  and brightening underneath the eye. At night, I use either Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream, or I’ll dab a little bit of Aquaphor underneath my eyes because I find it very hydrating. This Origins eye cream is intended for morning use, but I personally prefer it at night because I don’t think it sits well under makeup. I’ve been using this eye cream for a few years now and I definitely think it’s time for a change. If you have any eye cream recommendations that help with dark circles, please leave a comment below!
  4. Moisturize- Use a high quality moisturizer and use it on your face each morning and night. Most of us are already in the habit of moisturizing our face, but what about our body? It’s equally important to keep our bodies hydrated and well moisturized so make sure to moisturize your body each day. Currently, I use CeraVe facial moisturizers AM and PM for my face. This moisturizer is great for acne prone skin and was recommended by my dermatologist. I’ve been using it ever since. For my body, I switch up lotions a lot but am currently using Burt’s Bees.
  5. Use a face mask once a week. It’s important to exfoliate and I find the best way to do this is with a mask each week. A mask hydrates your face and rids your skin of all of the dead skin cells. I use Freeman Feeling Beautiful Clay Mask with Avocado & Oatmeal twice a week on my face.

These 5 beauty tips have become a part of my daily life and are very important in my beauty routine. This is how I keep my skin soft and clear and beauty tips I find work wonders for me, and I believe could help you too. Hope you liked this!



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