What I Learned in 2016

2016 was an eventful year to say the least. It started off AMAZING! The beginning of 2016 was one of the happiest times of my life and I truly believed I was off to a great year. And oddly enough, the second half ended up being easily the worst time of my life. So here is a quick recap and what I have learned from 2016.

2016 began perfect. I had a ton of friends, got a bid from a great sorority, made Deans list, and was with a great guy I really liked. Everything was honestly going ideal and I didn’t think things could get much better. And then, summer rolled around. The boy I was with left (he was studying abroad so it was expected, sad but nbd) and I also found out he wasn’t very faithful, I lost/ grew a part from a majority of my friends, both the ones I made in college and my friends from high school, and my stepfather suddenly passed away. Life. Was. Hard.

Life is still hard. I’m still trying to figure things out. I still am unsure where I belong and am still having a hard time making and maintaining friendships. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life and how to cope with losing people. I learned a lot in 2016, but I still have way more to learn.

One thing I learned in 2016 is to never take anything or anyone for granted. I lost a lot of people this year, and sometimes you don’t get a chance to say goodbye or tell them how much you love them, so do it as often as you can. Another thing I learned is how unexpected life can be. Things happen suddenly and randomly. Sometimes these things are great, sometimes they aren’t, most of the time they don’t make sense. That’s just a part of life, and even though some parts of life hurt, you just have to take the bullet and keep moving forward.

I learned this year that when someone close to you dies, a part of you dies with them. My stepfather helped raise me and he is a big part of who I am today. Being home without him is weird and lonely. It’s sad to know that things will never be the same, and part of me thinks I will never be the same. But again, life goes on and will go on with or without you.

I learned this year that image isn’t everything. I’d rather hang out with girls that are labeled as “weird” but are easygoing and nice and that I can truly be myself with than girls who are pretty and popular, but not so friendly. Image means nothing and does not build healthy relationships. What builds healthy relationships is compatibility and common interests. Spend time with people you like, not people society says you should like.

I learned this year that sometimes, things actually do work out. I had a stressful semester, but still managed to balance being on my sorority’s executive committee along with my hardest semester thus far, and once again made Deans list. I started dating a boy who I actually think might care about me which is a nice change and I have to say, he makes me very happy. Slowly, but surely, things fall into place. You just have to trust the process of life.

I learned to not be as trusting of people as I used to be. Unfortunately, people lie and break promises and not everyone is a good friend, even if you really believe so. Over time, people show their true colors. I’ve learned to let go of friends who make me feel worthless or that I worry will say mean things when I’m not around. I’ve learned to only trust myself because at the end of the day, I can’t depend on anyone else to be there for me.

2016 was quite a rollercoaster full of endless ups and downs. I’m excited to see what 2017 has in store for me, and can only hope for a better year full of many more life lessons (and maybe a cool internship). Stay tuned.

(I’ll stop with these rant-y brain dump posts after winter break I promise thx 4 reading ily)


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