Date Night

A few weeks ago I had another date night and I never posted about it! I really just want to show you the dress I wore because I LOVED it! Here are some pics~



I bought this white dress from Missguided and I had to be reeeally careful because it’s pure white and lace-y. This is a size extra-small, but I got the bottom tailored a little bit because it was baggy and almost to my knees and I prefer a short, tight fit. My heels are super old, I’ve had them for ages. I believe I bought them from Burlington Coat Factory. They are pretty basic, 6 inch red heels. I like this pair because although they’re very high, I still find them comfortable and easy to walk in.

If you like this dress you can find it here.

Shoes that are very similar to mine can be found here.

Date night was a great time as usual, although getting dressed up I have to admit is probably my favorite part! Hope you guys enjoyed this post- I have a few more formal events coming up this month that I can’t wait to post about! Stay tuned! đŸ™‚


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