Favorite Childhood toys

Alright so I’m cleaning out my closet and attic in hopes for a yard sale, and I’ve encountered some of my old childhood toys, so I thought I’d share some with you guys. I was a toy hoarder. Basically when I’d find a style of toy I liked, I’d go all in and collect as many as I can. I went through many phases as a kid and I have so many toys to reminisce. Let me know if you collected any of these toys as a child either.

One of my first, and most basic, phases include my passion for stuffed animals. I loved stuffed animals. I mean to be quite honest, I still love stuffed animals. They’re just so cute and decorative and my heart warms any time someone gives me one as a gift. But my obsession when I was younger was real. I had stuffed animals all lined across little chairs in my room. I had bunk beds and the top bunk was literally full of stuffed animals. Like you couldn’t see the bed at all because there were so many of them. My two favorite stuffed animals I still have today. My one favorite was my first ever stuffed animal and it is a little blue and green rhino that I named.. wait for it.. Rhino. Wow, I was so creative! In my defense I don’t even remember naming it, and I got the stuffed animal literally as soon as I came out of the womb so. Whatever. My dog chewed off his ear once and I was really devastated, but my grandmother sewed it back on so no worries. Rhino’s been through a lot but he’s survived. My other favorite stuffed animal is a stuffed bunny named Beatrice. This bunny was my great grandmother’s and when she passed away I was given the stuffed bunny. I wasn’t close to my great grandmother or anything, but I really cherished the bunny when it was given to me. Not to mention it’s the cutest little bunny ever!!


Another intense obsession I went through was Bratz dolls. Yes, I had a ton of Barbies too and I dabbled a bit with My Scene, but Bratz were my thing. Not gonna lie, they totally freaked me out at first with their big heads and attachable feet, but they grew on me. I liked that there were multiple characters and they all looked really different. And I liked their clothes because it was very risqué and my six year old self was totally into that.


Another phase I went through was the Littlest Pet Shop phase and I still have a box of them underneath of my bed. I even had the Littlest Pet Shop Nintendo DS game because they are just so cute. OMG how I loved these things. My collection grew HUGE! It got to the point where I had so many that I had a list of all of their names because I couldn’t remember. And then I got so overwhelmed by having so many and not knowing which ones to play with that I just stopped playing with them all together and moved on to the next toy. What a rough life for a nine year old. Being too overwhelmed by how many Littlest Pet Shop Toys you have. I really had over 100, plus several different play houses.


OMG speaking of play houses, I totally forgot about Sweet Streets. Like I seriously forgot that was a thing. Probably because that obsession happened when I was super young and then they kind of went extinct. Sweet Streets had to be one of the coolest toys though because they all came with their own little houses. That’s such a great toy invention! I used to set up all the houses outside and create my own little Sweet Streets neighborhood. There would be homes, a hotel, a dog salon, a ballet studio. Honestly shout out to whoever made Sweet Streets because they were one of the best toys to ever exist.


I also went through a very brief Pixel Chix phase. If you don’t know what a Pixel Chix is.. then I don’t know what to tell you because it’s pretty self explanatory. It’s basically a pixel girl living in a house. It’s so cool it’s like having a virtual friend. Until you don’t play for three days and your Pixel Chix gets mad at you and moves out and a new one moves in. That really personally offended me was I was a child.


Another phase was a common one for children, and it was the Webkinz phase. These little stuffed animals cost $12 because they were so popular, and now they’re so irrelevant you can buy them for $1. Webkinz were the hottest toy to have when I was in the 4th grade. I had a bunch and I loved playing online and decorating their homes and interacting with other Webkinz users. I believe Webkinz is what started my internet addiction, and I regret nothing. Except for maybe buying 20 of them.


The last toy obsession I had would be Build-a-Bears. Yes, Build-a-Bears and Webkinz fall into the stuffed animal category, but these are so much more specific and different. Webkinz are different because they have a code to register online and interact with other users. Build-a-Bears are different only because they are stuffed animals you make yourself. Making the stuffed animal myself made me feel so much closer and more bonded to it, even though it’s an inanimate object. I loved stuffing it and putting its little heart in and picking out a sound and outfit, and then making its birth certificate. My fifth birthday party was at a Build-a-Bear because yes, apparently they also do birthday parties, and I was given a Build-a-Bear pillow for all my friends to sign and I still have that pillow sitting on my bed today. After that birthday party, my grandmother took me to get a Build-a-Bear for my birthday each year up until I hit about ten or eleven. I think Build-a-Bear is such a cute idea for children and unfortunately, the one near me closed so I cannot go to one anytime soon, but it’s a place I would still go to because the stuffed animals really are so adorable. I’ll always love you, Build-a-Bear.


This was really enjoyable to look back on all the toys I loved as a child and reminiscing through all of my phases. I’m sure I’ve forgotten many toys I went through obsessions with so I definitely hope to make a part two of this in the future. If you enjoyed this and had any of these toys as a child, please let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!


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