15 positive affirmations

The thoughts we think have so much power on the way we feel about ourselves and others. It is important to fill our minds with loving thoughts in order to remain uplifted, even in the darkest of times. Repeating affirmations throughout the day or when we may be feeling down or lost will remind us to eliminate our negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Add affirmations to your daily routine by putting one as a note in your phone or sticking a post-it to your mirror so you’re constantly being inspired by positive thoughts. The type of energy you put out into the world is the type of energy you will receive. Here are affirmations to provide you with positivity and encouragement.

Feeling sad?

  • “I deserve the best and I accept the best now.” -Louise L. Hay
  • “Every thought I think is creating my future.” –Louise L. Hay

  • “When I decide to be happy, I attract great things in my life.” –Robert Holden

Feeling angry?

  • “I know that blaming others does not solve anything.” –Louise L. Hay
  • “I release the past and forgive everyone.” –Louise L. Hay
  • “I am grateful for all that I have in life.” –Deepak Chopra

Feeling anxious?

  • “I release all fears and doubts.” –Louise. L. Hay

  • “I trust life.” –Louise L. Hay
  • “I cannot be a victim and be happy.” –Robert Holden

Feeling insignificant?

  • “I love and approve of myself.” –Louise L. Hay

  • “It is okay to be lonely now and then.” –Louise L. Hay
  • “My life has meaning and purpose.” –Deepak Chopra

Feeling frustrated?

  • “I have faith in my ability to manifest my desires.” –Deepak Chopra
  • “It is okay to ask for help.” –Louise L. Hay
  • “I am committed to my goals. I embrace uncertainty.” –Leon Nacson

Something as simple as changing the way you think could have a serious impact on your life. When we fill our mind with happy thoughts, we are allowing positivity into our mind and life. It is important to remind ourselves of our abilities and remain motivated, even when life gets tough.


December Favorites

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and had some wonderful time off! I know I had a much needed break from school, although I’m excited to be going back for my final semester. We’re already a week into January, but I wanted to write a quick post on my December faves!


Grace Organic Antioxidant Toner With Cranberry and White Tea- I have mixed feelings about this toner, but I really wanted to mention it. I only use this in the morning, but I do not notice any changes on my skin. I don’t have very problematic skin as is, and I’m very young, so I’m not sure if that’s why I don’t notice any changes. I like to apply it before my makeup because I have very dry skin and I apply this to hydrate my skin, although my skin still remains quite cracked even after a spritz of this toner followed by my moisturizer. However, I do love the ingredients in this toner, as its full of antioxidants that are great for your skin. Not only this, I love using this as a setting spray. Since my skin is dry, I only use a small amount of powder, followed by this spray, and my skin looks so dewy. I think I might try a new toner when this bottle runs out, but overall I’m very pleased with this toner’s natural ingredients and the way it makes my skin look.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eye Shadow, Nude- This has been my go-to eye shadow palette while I’ve been home for break. I’ve been really lazy when it comes to doing my makeup, and this palette makes doing my eyeshadow quick and easy. I use the lighter end in the center of my lid, the middle shimmery portion on the center of my lid, and the darker browns on the outer portion of my lid, and just blend together. It’s a quick look that is very shimmery and pretty. Very nice for the holiday season!

It Cosmetics CC+ Radiance Palette- I used to only use the blush and bronzer in this palette, but I recently started using the powder and I love it! The blush is the perfect shade of pink and is very natural. The bronzer is a bit dark, but is a great contour color. The powder is great for setting your makeup. I have very dry skin, but this seems to apply very nicely and not cakey at all. I only apply a small amount on my face and under my eyes and it really is working out for me better than any other powder I’ve tried.


Hoodies– Like I said, I’m lazy during the holiday season. I’m on my break so all I’ve really worn/bought are comfy hoodies. I linked a super cute one I got from Forever 21!

Faux fur– I love the faux fur trend. I linked a faux fur Forever 21 hoodie, but here’s another inexpensive one I bought that I’ve received tons of compliments on!


The Killers– The Killers are my favorite band and I’m so excited because I’m seeing them live in just a few short days! All month I’ve just been jamming out to their setlist!

Stranger Things– I’m a little late, but I just finished watching season 2. I liked the first season a lot more, but I still binge watched this season in a matter of like two days. It’s such an addicting show. What should I watch next?

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and enjoy the rest of your winter!

Past, Present, and Future

Happy New Years everyone! I can’t believe we are only hours away from 2018. The year went by so fast, and I am grateful for all of the opportunities 2017 brought me. 2017 I began new internships and jobs while finishing off my second year of college and entering my third and final year. 2017 was also a year of loss. I lost my grandmother who passed in February. She passed only 4 months after my stepfather, making the past two years quite difficult. However, I have been coping and have been focusing greatly on my mental health. I am working on remaining positive and grateful, and really do feel so lucky to be alive. I started keeping a gratitude journal this year and journaling at least once a week which has really helped me remain positive and more in touch with my mind. I have also been healthier. I go to the gym five times a week, and although I do not see many changes with my body, I’m proud of my dedication and really do feel so much better.

This year has really made me begin thinking about the future, and what I want to do with my life. Even more specifically, what I want to do with this blog. I was thinking about putting a little bit more into this blog. As in, maybe buying a domain and creating a specific theme or topic. The reason I haven’t so far is because I’m not quite sure what I’d want that theme to be. I guess that’s something to be decided in 2018.

While I do not have any New Years resolutions, I do have goals for the future. First, a simple goal I have is that I’d like to start taking more pictures. I don’t take enough, and I would like some pictures to look back on here and there. Another goal I have is to travel more. I don’t travel at all, so even traveling to just one place this year would make a difference and give me something exciting to look back on. I want to continue to exercise and become in even better shape than I am now. I want to eat healthier and continue my mental health journey and continue to grow. I’m graduating college in a few short months and I’m ready to be independent. My goal is to find a good job and a nice home to live in, and overall just to be happy.

Happy New Years everyone! Hope 2018 is a good one!

Read this Before Purchasing Products From DermalMD!

I suffer from hereditary dark circles, and have not been able to find anything to combat them. No eye cream has worked to diminish them, and concealers only mildly hide them temporarily. Over the summer, I began researching effective eye creams that might get rid of my dark circles once and for all. I came across DermalMD’s website that had incredible reviews for all of its products. I did more research and could not find very many negative reviews. There were a few reviews here and there saying to not believe the positive reviews because DermalMD posts all of their own reviews. Still, I overlooked these few negative reviews because there were just so many positive ones.

I was a bit skeptical to make a purchase. There are many products I’d be interesting in purchasing, but because I was skeptical and the products are a bit expensive I decided to only purchase one item. But if these products are really so life changing, why have I never heard of this brand before? I started to look into their Undereye Treatment. This product is around $70, way more than I’d ever spent before. Still, I decided to give it a try.

This product may be the worst under eye treatment I have ever used in my entire life. I decided to stick it out and use it for 3 months because a lot of the reviews on the DermalMD site said that it takes awhile to see changes, but it does work. I can’t use this product anymore. If anything, my under eyes are the worst they have ever looked. The eye cream is sticky and sits on your skin without soaking in. Makeup looks terrible on top. Not to mention my skin has been dryer and my under eyes might even be darker. Overall, this product has been terrible which is disappointing considering the amazing reviews.

But this is what really gets me. I decided to try to leave a review of my own on the website. However, DermalMD moderates their comments! I have tried at least five times now to post a review, but my reviews never get approved. I even emailed a complaint and demanded a refund, but they replied saying refunds are not given past two weeks which is absurd because they claim the product takes months to work! I have never been so dissatisfied with a product in my entire life which is why I decided to write this post. I am furious they moderate their comments and do not let any negative comments be posted, and I am now convinced all 40 positive comments on this under eye treatment were written by DermalMD employees. This product is a scam.

This might be a stretch, and might not be because of this company at all, but I also had my card hacked soon after this purchase. I do not want to blame it on this company because maybe there is no correlation and it was simply a coincidence in timing, but because of their sketchiness with the reviews I am overall just going to assume this company is not very legit. I am extremely disappointed with this purchase. I highly recommend you do not purchase from this company, as it is expensive and definitely not worth the money


November Faves

I’m a few days late with this post, but I’m back with my November faves! Now that it’s officially freezing out, I’ve added in some of my faves for the colder months. Here are my recommendations and November favorites!


Bondi Sands Tanning Foam Ultra DarkBondi Sands Tanning Foam Ultra Dark– I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll mention it again. This is by far the best tanning product I have ever used! It is the perfect shade and streak free. It’s perfect for the winter when you need a little color!

Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil– I haven’t experimented enough with coconut oil to know if one brand is better than another, but I do know this stuff is great. Coconut oil has a variety of different health benefits and can be used for many different purposes. Personally, I love using this once a week to deep condition my hair. My hair gets quite dry and brittle and this really livens it up!

PYT Ceramic Styling Tool– After going through countless amounts of straightening irons, I decided to invest in a good one. I’ve had this straightening iron for about 3 or 4 years now and it hasn’t let me down. It takes about 10 minutes with this iron to make my waves sleek and straight

Grace Antioxidant Organic Facial Toner– I wanted to bring my skin care routine up a notch and decided to buy this product because I heard an antioxidant toner is great for your skin. Although I haven’t noticed much of a difference in my skin, I do find the spray very refreshing and it also works as a nice setting spray! I have been having issues with dry skin and while it does not help much, it is temporarily relieving. Not to mention it’s organic and not to harsh on the skin, plus a reasonable price!

L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara– This mascara is a fave of mine and beats any high end mascara I’ve ever used. This mascara really lengthens  your lashes and overall is a must have considering its price.


Hoodies– Hoodies are a staple when the weather begins to get colder. I’ve been obsessed with buying hoodies lately because they’re so comfortable and cute and come in so many styles and cuts. I linked one of my favorite new hoodies I bought recently from Lulu’s.

Jeans– Like hoodies, jeans are a staple. They help polish any outfit. Jeans with a cute sweater is a perfect look for when the weather is cold. It’s comfortable, but still cute. And just like hoodies, jeans come in various styles. Colored jeans, boyfriend jeans, ripped jeans, etc can all bring a complete different look. Jeans are so versatile and a closet staple. My favorite place to buy jeans is PacSun.

Workout leggings– As someone who goes from the gym, to class, cute workout leggings are a must. Victoria’s Secret and Nike have some of my favorite athletic leggings, but you can also find cute workout leggings for less at stores like Forever 21.

Riding boots– Riding boots are another step in my winter closet. I wear riding boots constantly. Invest in one black pair and nice brown pair and you’re set for all outfits! Charlotte Russe is a great place to buy shoes.

Booties– Booties are cute and look great with any outfit. I like to switch out my riding boots sometimes for my booties just because they add a different look.

Rings– I love accessorizing with funky rings. I think they just add a more stylish element to a simple outfit and overall just look super cute!


David Dobrik– I’ve been really into watching David Dobrik’s vlogs lately. They’re just so entertaining and honestly slightly addicting. They make me wish I had a friend group that exciting!

Animal’s People– I recently read the book Animal’s People for a class I take in school, and this was one of the few books I’ve ever read for a class that I actually enjoyed. It was a fun read and really eye-opening. I highly recommend it.

Shameless– I’ve been hooked on Shameless since I started watching my freshman year of high school. The new season has begun and I couldn’t be happier. Shameless is on Netflix now so if you haven’t watched it yet, there is no excuse.


Always Remember to Be Grateful

Sometimes thing happen, and we don’t know exactly why they happen. These things could be amazing, like falling in love, while others could be heartbreaking, like a death of a loved one. These things can be so sudden and so unexpected that we, as only humans, don’t know how to react. We might be feeling so much that we don’t know exactly the words to say. Sometimes there are no words to say what is happening or how we feel. Sometimes it is the silence that speaks for us.

Today I want you to think of those things in your life you don’t understand and those feelings you have that you can’t explain. And even if things in your life are so terrible right now that the only word you can muster up is “misery” I want you to find gratitude. Even in the roughest of times there is always something for us to be thankful for, and that includes life’s journey. Each gain and each loss is filled with something more meaningful. Maybe a lesson to make us wiser, or maybe an ache to make us stronger. And although right now you don’t understand and you might be questioning everything, the best thing you can do is trust the path your on and that a deeper meaning will appear and that maybe, just maybe, one day you will understand why all of this is happening and you will finally find the words to speak. But until that day comes, all I ask of you is to be grateful.

Tell someone who has impacted your life that you are grateful. Tell the parents who raised you how grateful you are for their impact on who you are and who you will become. Be grateful for that boy who broke your heart for teaching you that you deserve more. Even be grateful for that blooming tree in your neighborhood that makes you feel at peace. Be grateful for even the little things because it is all a part of this journey you are on.

Trust the path you’re on. Trust the process of life. Things might not make sense now, but it is because you have yet to understand. There is a deeper meaning behind all of this, and the only way to find this meaning is with trust and gratitude. Life is all about change and adapting. Sometimes, change happens unexpectedly and that is simply a part of life. Give thanks to everything you have while you have it, and trust that life will guide you to an even brighter future.

Next time you’re feeling down and hopeless, take a step back and really evaluate your life. There really is too much to be grateful for.

date yourself

Whether you are single or in a relationship, everyone is entitled to their own “me” time every once in awhile. We all work hard, whether it be in our relationship, at work, or in class, so why not treat ourselves? Take a day for yourself and go out on a nice date…with yourself! Spend the time alone indulging in your favorite activities with no one to rush or distract you. You are in total control of this date, so clear your mind and focus on only yourself. In today’s society, we spend too much time depending on the company of others. Spend the day finding pleasure in your own presence. Put on something nice, buy yourself a box of chocolates, and enjoy the day getting to know yourself. Here are some date ideas to take yourself out on.

1. Your favorite restaurant.

Buy yourself a milkshake with ONE straw. Get a greasy, messy cheeseburger and don’t worry how un-classy you might look. Splurge a little on the dessert that’s all for yourself.

2. Take yourself to the movies.

You have the freedom to see any movie that you want. Any chick flick, or rom-com, the choice is yours. You don’t have to hear the opinions of others or worry about someone talking during the movie, so buy a popcorn and a soda for yourself, and enjoy the movie.

3. Go to an art museum.

Have a peaceful evening strolling through an art museum. Appreciate the beauty of what surrounds you. Embrace the solitude.

4. Have a beach day.

The beach is one of the most calming atmospheres. Listen to the ocean waves crash against the shore and take pleasure in the feeling of your toes in the sand. Lie on your beach chair, soak up the sun and breathe in the salty air. Enjoy the beautiful day.

5. Stargaze.

Bring a blanket outside and enjoy the night looking up at the sky. Count the stars.

6. Go out for coffee.

Grab that book you’ve been dying to read and head over to your local caffe. There is absolutely no rush. Order a large coffee and maybe a cookie, and enjoy your book.

7. Go for a walk in the park.

Breathe in the fresh air by taking yourself on a nice stroll through the park with nothing but you and your mind. Explore the world around you. Find comfort in being alone.

This day is all about getting to know you. Go and do whatever it is your heart desires. So go and enjoy the company of yourself, because you sure are amazing.

October Faves

I’m a little bit late on this post, but never late than never right? I love sharing my monthly favorites with you and wanted to make a quick post about some of the things I’ve been really loving lately and especially through the month of October. Here are my October favorites!


RCMA No-Color Powder- This is definitely the best powder I’ve used for baking so far. It leaves your skin flawless and doesn’t leave terrible flashback!

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer– I posted about this concealer last month, but it’s become a holy grail product for me so I have to post again. Previously I was using Bye Bye Under Eye from It Cosmetics, but this one has much better coverage and is so much easier to apply! It’s a little pricey, but I have tried every concealer out there and have yet to find one that measures up.


Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Effect Makeup– This is one of my go-to foundations when I want a more flawless look. It is very build able coverage and is also very affordable. It is one of my favorites.

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam Ultra Dark–  The color of this mousse is the perfect brown. It doesn’t smell putrid and it is the first self tanner I’ve ever found that doesn’t leave streaks. This tanning mousse has become a holy grail for me. Since I’m talking about all of these holy grail products, maybe I should make a post listing all of my holy grail products?


Over the knee boots– It’s starting to get chilly out, but I still like wearing dresses and skirts. I’ve been really into pairing some tall boots with my dressier looks. I think it looks adorable, and keeps my legs warm.

Platform sandals- I ordered these sandals over the summer and am still wearing them during this weather transition. I love these shoes because the platforms add so much height, but are still so comfortable and easy to walk in.

Cropped sweaters– Cropped sweaters have been a staple for me for years now. They’re warm and comfortable, but also so cute and versatile.


The Road– I am an English major and read lots of books. Most of them are pretty dry, but every one in awhile I’ll come across a great and inspiring novel like The Road by Cormac McCarthy. It’s an extremely dark book that is about the journey of a father and son after the apocalypse. It’s an easy read and is interesting no doubt. I have yet to watch the movie, but it’s on Netflix so I will definitely be doing that soon.


Tea & honey– I always get sick when I go back to school, so tea and honey is pretty much a must for me. My favorites are green tea and chamomile, which also consist of many health benefits.

Special K Double Chocolate Protein Meal Bars– These are a must for me on mornings I’m running late and need to grab a quick breakfast. Plus, I’m a chocolate lover so that makes these even better.

If you got one thing out of this post, I hope it was to try the Special K Protein Meal Bars. Hope you had a great October and halloween! Only a few weeks left till Thanksgiving 🙂

Halloween Looks

Halloween is over and I’m so sad, but I still wanted to share my costumes! Halloween is my favorite holiday because I love getting dressed up in crazy costumes. Here is what I wore this weekend.

Night One: Murder Scene


I took inspiration from this video.

Night Two: Zombie Bride & Groom


I made a previous post how to make this costume here.


I used Jerome Russell B Wild Color Spray to spray my hair pink. Warning: it’s messy and will stay in your hair for days. Especially if you’re blonde.

Night Four: Spider


Icing sells a ton of different face stickers perfect for costumes. They’re cheap and these lasted all night!

Halloween may be over, but hopefully this post gave you some inspiration for next year. Which costume was your favorite?

Halloweekend Expectations Vs Reality As Told By Mean Girls

Halloweekend is the most infamous weekend that will occur each year in college and you of course, have some pretty high expectations. Now that we aren’t kids anymore, trick or treating is out of the question and it’s time for some wild Halloween parties. A lot of thought and planning go into this weekend such as putting together the perfect costume, practicing your hair and make up, and figuring out which frats to be seen at. But sometimes we set our expectations a little too high.

Expectation: You’ve put together the most creative costume ever

Reality: No one knows what you are

Expectation: You found a costume that’s totally hot

Reality: You find this was a bad decision when you have to walk several blocks to a party in the cold

Expectation: You’re going to a wild party with a group of best friends

Reality: The frat tells you the party is full and you end up spending the night watching scary movies instead

Don’t fret- Halloweekend is still one of the most exciting weekends you’ll have in college, even if not everything goes as perfectly planned. Get hype and find your perfect costume, because Halloweekend is on its way!