A Bad Date


Today I decided to tell you guys a quick story about a really awful date I went on a few years ago. So, two summers ago when I was around 16- 17 I met a boy who lives by the beach one day while I was on the boardwalk with my friends. We texted throughout the summer and I saw him a few times more while going to the beach with my friends, but I had never gone to the shore alone and therefore never really had the chance to be alone with him. One week, my family decided to rent a shore house. I was so excited to be able to go to the beach and finally go on a date with this guy. From the jump, I never expected things to be serious with this guy since he lives close to the beach which is about a two hour drive away from me, but I thought he’d be a nice summer fling.

We make plans to go to the boardwalk and I’m ready to go. I’m sitting there waiting for him to pick me up and minutes pass by. Finally, he texts me saying he’s out front and I look, and he’s not there. It turns out he was lost. After around 45 minutes, he finally found me and we headed to the boardwalk.

We walk the boardwalk and talk a little and all is going well. He asks me if I want to go on his favorite roller coaster. I really am not a fan of roller coasters, but I agreed. It wasn’t my favorite thing in the world, but it could’ve been worse.

So the date continues and he asks if I want to go on the ferris wheel. I say sure and he buys the tickets. We hop in line which was obnoxiously long and wait our turn. As soon as we near the front, the ride shuts down. Great. We leave and walk the boardwalk again and just talk for awhile when we notice the ride is back up. We walk back over to the ferris wheel and it closes AGAIN! So we leave.. again. And then once again we notice the ferris wheel is running again. We decide to go and try again since he already bought the tickets anyways. We go and wait in another long line, and finally ride the ferris wheel.

After all of that frustration, we finally got a short ride on the ferris wheel and decide to head out. It’s around 11 and I’m only 16 so my stepdad really wants me home. Then my date asks “do you remember where I parked?” My heart started pounding and I could feel sweat. Of course I didn’t remember where he parked, I didn’t know I was supposed to. And it’s not like he parked in a single parking lot for the beach and could just sound off his car alarm. There are several parking lots down every street and he could literally be parked anywhere. So there’s really nothing we could do so we start looking.

We walk all around the town which I must say is not a safe area. We encounter many drunks and many sketch people. Minutes turn to hours and my stepdad keeps calling. I tell him we can’t find his car, but he doesn’t believe me and starts to freak out on me saying he’s going to come find me and pick me up. But that’s pretty embarrassing and I didn’t wanna leave this boy in this sketch town alone even if I was super annoyed and my feet were blistering. If I knew we’d be walking around for two hours trying to find his car I wouldn’t have worn flip flops.

The boy would ask people for help trying to see if there is a taxi service or something to help us find his car. Everyone he asked was drunk with elaborate responses that were very incoherent. We encountered some police officers and he asked for help, but they weren’t much help either and basically just laughed at us. He finally found a phone number to call to get a ride. He calls and the guy said he can’t just drive us around to help us find a car. So we’re stuck walking.

We walked so much I’m pretty sure we went through every parking lot twice. Finally we find his lost car all alone in some parking lot that I’m almost positive we passed earlier in the night. I get home a little after 1 am and my stepdad is pissed and doesn’t believe my story. All I really wanted to do was lie in bed because my feet and legs were so sore.

Although this date was awful, the boy offered to come visit me all the way in my little old town. I thought that was really nice since it’s such a long drive. He drove down and bought us movie tickets. We had some time to kill before the movie so we got some Chipotle. We go back to the movies and find out the power is out and won’t be back until tomorrow.

The relationship died after this. I wonder why.

That’s my story of some really unfortunate dates with one guy. I guess these were just signs it wasn’t meant to be! Hope you enjoyed this story time and I hope even more you never lose your car!


Crush of the Week!


Okay so lately I’ve been BEYOND obsessed with X Factor. Although I’m very disappointed that my favorite, David Correy got sent home, I’m pleased with the survival of Emblem3. I must admit, I wasn’t a fan of what I thought to be another cocky boy band, but their last performance really blew me away. So of course, now I’m obsessed.

This group is made up of Drew Chadwick who sings and is the lead guitarist, Wesley Stromberg who also does vocals and is the rhythm guitarist, and his younger brother Keaton Stromberg who is also a vocalist and plays bass. Drew Chadwick is the oldest at age 20, Wesley is right in the middle at age 18, and Keaton is the youngest at age 16.

The three first auditioned for X Factor singing an original song called Sunset Boulevard. I was fairly impressed with their performance. I didn’t love them, but they were one of the best groups I had seen. In bootcamp, they sang “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls and I wasn’t very impressed. At the judges home, they sang “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” by The Police and although they did great on this song, I felt something was off with them. Maybe it was their attitude? I don’t know. But last week, they absolutely turned me around when they performed “One Day” by Matisyahu.

On top of their incredible voices, all 3 of them are extremely good looking. Therefore I do not just have one crush this week, I have 3! If I had to choose a favorite though… well it’s such a hard choice! I love both of the Stromberg brothers. Wesley is such a good looking guy with a unique and wonderful voice, and Keaton is so adorable! Drew Chadwick is great too with his washboard abs. BUT as of right now, I’m going to have to go with Wesley. There’s just something about him that I have loved from the start!

Who’s your favorite member of Emblem3? Let me know in the comments below!