Look For Less (Halloween Edition!)

One of my favorite costumes I’ve ever recreated is Miranda Kerr’s ring leader costume. It’s a fun sexy look perfect for Halloween. Below I’ve listed some cheaper alternatives to her costume so you could recreate it yourself!


Julia Lace Bodysuit $25
Lace-Up Open-Back Lace Bodysuit $18
Sarah Lace & Mesh Bodysuit $11.50


Evie Applique & Velvet Body $14
Maria Strappy Scallop Edge Lace Bodysuit $12.50
Georgia Embroidered Lace Bodysuit $11.50


Shawl Collar Blazer $19
Style & Co Knit Blazer $29


Sheer Fishnet Tights $8



Krissy Pump $50
Qupid Two-Piece Glitter Heel Sandals $25
Sequins Two-Piece Sandals $25


Victorian Black Top Hat Deluxe $17


Leather Bull Whip $6.80


Soul Searching Silver Cuff Bracelet $17
New Friends Colony Glittered-Up Cuff $11


Just add red lips and red nails and your look is complete!


Back to School Outfits for Lazy Days

The best part of going back to school is the shopping! New year means newer, trendier clothes! I decided to put together a few simple and comfortable outfits to replace those days you cannot be bothered to get dressed and opt for your laziest hoodie and sweatpants (we all do it, no shame). These looks can be thrown on in the morning without a fuss, but will still look stylish and put together. Here are 3 back to school outfits that are (hopefully) dress code appropriate!

  1. Simple Tee & JeansIMG_3205For the first outfit, I wanted to keep it simple and comfortable with a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. These jeans are my favorite mid-rise jeans from PacSun, and the tee shirt represents my sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha! Obviously you can wear your favorite tee shirt, but I personally love this one because of the cute v-neck and because I love black and white. I also decided to give my eyes a break from contacts and wear my glasses which I think really add to the casual/hipster vibe. My glasses are prescription with frames from Versace. To finish off the look, I added a pair of white Converse and accessorized with a few rings to make the look a bit edgier.
  2. Loose & GirlyIMG_3178My next look I decided to wear something a little bit dressier, while still remaining casual and comfortable. This dress is perfect for back to school because it is a good length and also has sleeves so you do not have to wear a sweater on top on days it is too hot. Not to mention the fabric is so soft and loose that make it the most comfortable dress ever. This dress if from Forever 21 and I kept the look simple by adding a pair of sandals from Rue 21 and a little dainty necklace.
  3. Pop of ColorIMG_3234.jpgThis last outfit I tried to keep simple, but wanted to spice the look up a little bit with a pair of colored jeans. I am wearing a gray tank, but of course if your school doesn’t allow tank tops you can trade this for a tee shirt or any cute neutral colored top you own. My green skinny jeans are from PacSun, and I am wearing a pair of flip flops from Old Navy. To add to this look, I also wore some layered necklaces from Forever 21.IMG_3243.JPG

Back to school shopping is so fun, but waking up in the morning is so not. Hopefully you found some inspiration for those days you just cannot be bothered to get out of bed. Enjoy your school year!

Goal Completed + Tips on Finding an Internship

A few months ago I posted an article about a goal I had to find a summer internship. I wanted to announce that I have successfully completed this goal and found a summer internship! After a lot of stress, searching, and submissions, I finally found a great internship opportunity for myself.

Trying to find the perfect internship was extremely stressful. Originally, I landed an internship opportunity in New York, but decided to not follow through due to the travel and housing expenses. I found an internship closer to where I live that has the possibility to grow into a job opportunity and I am super excited! I am now interning for The Power of the Patient Project that you can learn more about here.

Finding an internship was difficult, and while I’m no pro at this, I would like to give some advice for any of you looking for internships.

  1. Stay open minded. Apply for jobs that may not even be in your field. There is a lot of experience to be learned.
  2. Apply for as many internships as possible. Even apply for internships you might not seem too interested in because you can use each interview as practice to nail that important interview you finally get.
  3. Watch out for scams! Use websites like glassdoor.com to search companies and read reviews. It’ll save you a lot of time and travel.
  4. Use sites like LinkedIn and Internships.com. They are very useful and make finding/applying for jobs so simple.
  5. Follow your gut. Interning is important, but if you find an internship that you just don’t think is right for you, don’t take it. Keep applying and you’ll eventually find something better suited for you.
  6. Don’t give up! Even when you think there’s no hope, there is.

I will keep you all updated with my intern experience, and good luck to all of you searching for internships!


Body Journey

I have found setting goals for myself and posting them publicly really help increase my motivation to accomplish each goal. This goal may be the most challenging so far due to a combination of my busy schedule, and pure laziness, but I am determined to become stronger and healthier. While I want to build a better physique, my main focus is my health and to see how much of a difference changes in my diet and exercise can make. I have always been comfortable and satisfied with my body. I’m a very petite girl and I have come to accept it. This isn’t so much about image, it’s about health, and becoming the best ‘me’ possible. Life is a journey and every day I want to try to make myself a little bit better than I was yesterday. And this includes my health and fitness.

I have always been slightly underweight. I want to gain muscle and become stronger and leaner. I want to tone my body and improve the overall shape I am in.

I will begin this journey with a workout plan and a healthy meal plan. My goal is to work out 5 days a week. I started following a workout plan created by Jen Ferruggia called Bikini Body Workouts. I find this workout plan perfect for beginners like me. It is not too challenging, but just challenging enough to leave me sore the next day. I already feel a difference.

As for my diet, here is what I eat in a week:


Breakfast- Nut butter on toast

Lunch-Chicken salad sandwich (swap the mayo for avocado!)

Dinner– Chicken breast and veggies

Snacks– Veggies and hummus; pumpkin seeds and cashews

Dessert– Ice pops made of fruit juice


Breakfast– Fruit smoothie

Lunch– Salad with mixed greens, berries, nuts, chicken breast, and a balsamic dressing

Dinner– Salmon and veggies

Snacks– Tea plus mixed fruits; frozen yogurt

Dessert– Greek yogurt blended with frozen berries


Breakfast– Berry parfait with greek yogurt, granola, and nuts

Lunch– Chicken salad wrap with lettuce and dried cranberries

Dinner– Salad with leftover salmon and veggies

Snack– Dark chocolate, mixed fruits

Dessert– Banana and peanut butter


Breakfast– Oatmeal

Lunch– Turkey and avocado sandwich on rye bread

Dinner– Spaghetti with pesto and spinach

Snack– Homemade trail mix with nuts, dried cranberries, pretzels, and dark chocolate; sliced apples and peanut butter

Dessert– frozen banana dipped in dark chocolate with a side of berries


Breakfast– Scrambled eggs with a side of fruit and vegetables

Lunch– PB&B sandwich

Dinner– Turkey and rice

Snack– Pretzels; mixed fruits and veggies

Dessert– Oatmeal cookie


Breakfast– Acai bowl with berries and bananas topped with peanut butter or honey

Lunch– Chicken noodle soup

Dinner– Shrimp scampi

Snack– frozen grapes; yogurt

Dessert– Frozen yogurt



Of course my diet may not exactly follow this schedule and some things change day to day based on what I have in my house and what is available to me, but for the most part, these are the foods I keep in my diet. Not everything is perfectly healthy, but it’s a great combination for me of nutrition without ridding myself of all of my favorite things. Not to mention these recipes are simple and do not take an excessive amount of time for preparation.

I’m excited to work on myself and my body and to become the best me possible. I want to become healthy and strong and I am determined to stick to it.

Summer Bucket List


Summer is on its way and I’m more than ready for sun-kissed skin and crazy summer nights. It’s time to take a break from all the school work and kick back with some friends and try out all of those cool Pinterest recipes you just didn’t have time for during the school year. Summer goes by in the blink of an eye, so instead of sitting at home bored and alone, why not try something new? Here is your ultimate summer bucket list!

1. Read 10+ books

2. Do yoga on the beach

3. Host a bonfire

4. BEACH!!

5. Watch the fireworks on 4th of July

6. Go to a music festival

7. Get tan!!!

8. Get funnel cake at a carnival

9. Ride a ferris wheel with a cute boy

10. Meet someone new

11. Ride a roller coaster

12. Do something that has always scared me

13. Go night swimming

14. Make popsicles

15. Hit up a few yard sales

16. Go on a nature walk

17. Go to a barbecue

18. Go on a picnic

19. Play mini-golf

20. Star gaze

21. Stay up all night with friends

22. Eat s’mores

23. Tie-dye a shirt

24. Have a paint fight

25. Go on a waterslide

26. Get a tan tattoo

27. Bake cupcakes

28. Eat ice cream

29. Watch the sunset

  1. Make this summer the best one yet!

You worked hard this year and you deserve a break. Enjoy this summer and spend time with the people you love. Most importantly, make this summer one you can look back on with great memories you created with even greater people.

31 days of self love

Loving yourself is important, and sometimes a lot us struggle with. Happiness stems from acceptance and love for ourselves. We cannot depend on others to make us happy, and we cannot force others to love us. However, we can love and take care of ourselves and our own well being. I challenge and encourage you to complete these 31 days of self-love, and to hopefully take a step further to love and acceptance.

Day 1: Write out your feelings. Write about what makes you happy and unhappy. Write about what you love about yourself. Write about something you need to let go. Let it all off your chest.

Day 2: Post a picture that makes you feel pretty.

Day 3: Wear your favorite outfit.

Day 4: Cook yourself a big, healthy breakfast full of your favorite fruits.

Day 5: Take a long bath with lavender oil.

Day 6: Watch a movie that makes you laugh.

Day 7: Put on a face mask and paint your nails. Pamper yourself a little.

Day 8: Stretch. Do some sun salutations in the sunlight.

Day 9: Forgive yourself for a mistake that you mad.

Day 10: Talk to someone who makes you smile.

Day 11: Belt out your favorite song as loud as you can no matter who’s listening

Day 12: Write down all of your dreams and aspirations and set goals toward achieving them

Day 13: Pick up a book you’ve always wanted to read

Day 14: Organize your closet, strip your bedsheets, clean every corner of your room till it is sparkling.

Day 15: Go to bed an hour earlier than normal

Day 16: Wake up early and watch the sunrise

Day 17: Try a new food

Day 18: Call up an old friend you haven’t talked to in awhile

Day 19: Do something you enjoy

Day 20: Make a conscious effort to be more positive

Day 21: Stare in the mirror and list 5 things you love about yourself today

Day 22: Spend the day outside. Go for a walk. Sit in the sun. Enjoy the beauty around you.

Day 23: Listen to new music

Day 24: Dye your hair the color you’d like

Day 25: Buy yourself flowers and watch them bloom

Day 26: Realize that you should be doing things for yourself and not for others.

Day 27: Lie in the sunshine and daydream about life.

Day 28: Buy yourself a new dress and go out with your best friends.

Day 29: Fill in a coloring book.

Day 30: Bake cookies. It’s okay to treat yourself every once in awhile.

Day 31: Reflect on what makes you happy. Continue doing things and spending time with people that make you happy. And remember, most importantly, to love yourself every step of the way.

Story Prompts

For all you creative writers out there, I wanted to write a post a bit different. Instead of my typical fashion or life posts, I thought I’d give you a story prompt idea. Something I don’t really post on here is any sort of creative writing, and you probably don’t know I actually love creative writing. If I have the time, I enjoy writing short stories or poems. In college, I take a few creative writing and poetry classes which I enjoy, but sometimes inspiration just doesn’t strike. While creative writing is fun when you have an idea, sometimes it’s quite hard to find inspiration. That’s why I wanted to provide all of you writers out there with inspiration.

Story prompt ideas:

  1. Write about a broken watch, a smelly pair of underwear, and a little girl named Amber
  2. Write about a One Direction concert, a glass of chocolate milk, and a stained tee shirt
  3. Write about a lost dog, a dead bird, and a box of tissues
  4. Write about green nail polish, a pair of glasses, and a cell phone
  5. Write about an expensive eye shadow palette, a notebook, and a camera
  6. Write about a wine glass, a picture frame, and deodorant
  7. Write about a bra, a box of #2 pencils, and an invitation
  8. Write about a ticking clock, a date, and a missing sock
  9. Write about a school dance, a jar of Nutella, and a stalker
  10. Write about fresh flowers, a toilet, and breakfast

I really hope this gave you some sort of idea/ inspiration. Let me know if you liked this post and if you’d like more writer inspiration! Thanks for reading!



2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is almost here and I’m sure a lot of you are still trying to pull together some last minute presents. If you’ve run out of gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Here is your 2016 holiday gift guide!

For mom:

  • A scrapbook
  • Photo display
Seventh Avenue
  • Pajama set and slippers
  • For all you college kids, buy your mom something with your college logo like a scarf
  • DIY spa kit filled with aromatherapy candle, a face mask, nail polish, and a body scrub

For dad:

  • Again college kids, buy your dad a hoodie or tee shirt with the logo
  • A personalized mug- a basic gift, but you’ll know it’s going to great use
  • A kindle- definitely a pricier gift, but you can find one on Amazon for $80 and you know your dad will love it
  • A mix tape because your dad might not be that tech-y can now you can download all of his favorite Pearl Jam songs for him

For him:

  • Personalized leather keychain
Quality Logo Products
  • Concert tickets- a gift and a cute date idea
  • Sports jersey
  • Buy him his favorite cologne gift set
  • A pair of beats he could use at the gym

For her

  • Alex and Ani bracelet- classic, but you can’t go wrong with jewelry
  • Polaroid
  • Urban Decay Naked palette- every makeup lover’s dream
  • Godiva chocolate gift set
  • Personalized pillow

I hope this gift guide has helped you find the perfect gift! Happy holidays and good luck!


Halloweekend is one of the most infamous weekends for college students such as myself. Unlike when we were children and dressed up in warm costumes and went door-to-door trick or treating, Halloweekend involves little clothing and sweaty basements and a 3-day adventure full of wild parties and interesting encounters. Wanna check out my costumes this year?


Thursday night I dressed up as a Hooters waitress with my big! I have to say, this was my favorite costume because it was just so comfortable.Literally all this costume consists of is shorts, a tank top, and sneakers. SO comfortable! I also bought this costume on eBay because I don’t think people exactly make Hooters halloween costumes?? I may be wrong, but I bought this authentic costume, and it was super cheap too! ALSO I do not know why I am holding A1 sauce. I just felt like this costume needed a prop so I grabbed what was available. I’m sorry to all you Hooters fans!!


This costume was also super comfortable even though the wings were slightly inconvenient. But okay; funny story. I bought this costume when I was in the 5th grade! Obviously it fit me WAY different and I also wore a ridiculous wig to make myself seem super dark and scary, but now the costume fits me totally differently so I decided to save some money and re-wear it. This might not work for every costume, but I totally recommend going through some of your old costumes and seeing which ones still fit you, or seeing if you can recreate them to make something new!


Saturday was my sorority’s date night. I dressed up as a ring leader and had my date dress up as a lion. I found inspiration for this costume through my idol, Miranda Kerr (as seen below). This corset is from Charlotte Russe, and the hat and whip are both from Party City.



Which costume was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


Creative Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is vastly approaching and sometimes we don’t feel like putting elaborate costumes together or we don’t make any plans and then last minute get a phone call about a party you just can’t miss. Well whatever the scenario, you need a costume and fast. Instead of being just another black cat at a party, here are simple yet creative last minute halloween costumes for you. NO ARTS & CRAFTS NECESSARY!

  1. Buy a Onesie at Walmart. They cost about $10-20 and can turn you into anything. Here is me as a Ninja Turtle on Black Friday.


2.Be a Super Hero. Also at Walmart are tee shirts with super hero prints that come with Velcro capes. Here is me as a Ninja Turtle.. again. I bought the tee shirt at Walmart and the hat at Party City.


  1. Follow my friends idea and be a scarecrow! Wear a flannel top and paint your face and your all set.


4. A princess– Wear an old homecoming dress and add a tiara

59ee18b6618f3446187f79b73337c34f.jpg5. Pin up girl– Wear a polka dot dress, red lipstick with matching pumps, and curl your hair and you are ready to go!


  1. 80’s girl– Wear a body suit with bright tights and if you have them, leg warmers! Then put your hair up into a high pony and glide on some bright eyeliner.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

7. Risky Business– All you need is a white button down, white briefs, sunglasses, and white socks. Simple enough.


8.The Little Mermaid– Wear a purple bra and a green skirt and bam.. you’re a mermaid! Well, close enough


  1. An emoji– Wear all black and print out an emoji mask


  1. Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s– All you need is a black dress and some pearls.


  1. Wednesday Addams– no makeup necessary, just a black dress and braided pigtails.


  1. Rosie the Riveter– tie up your denim shirt and throw on a red bandana.


  1. Blair Waldorf– Put together your preppiest outfit with a cute skirt and blazer and make sure to add her staple piece.. a cute headband!

65420a44d346967e6d2a986bd476c36a.jpg14. Burglar– Wear a black and white striped top with black jeans and a ski mask and most importantly, make sure to carry around a big sack with you!

y15. Kylie Jenner– put on a tight dress and over draw your lips.. a lot. Then constantly take selfies where ever you go. Since her hair color is always changing, the wig is totally optional.

ddbc93da11611a78a9db873e8baa48e016. Ariana Grande– put on a circle skirt and crop top and put your hair in a half pony.

89433c439ec92aa066721a4f4fc0d42317. Kim Possible- green pants and a black crop top

e28422434c34664a4b48c13170cbc92318. Waldo– One of my favorites, put on a red and white striped shirt, a hat, and glasses and where’s Waldo?


  1. Hippie– put on a flow crop top with flared pants or a maxi skirt and add a pair of cute round sunglasses or a flower crown


Happy Halloween, and good luck!