May Favorites

May is over and summer has officially begun! I’m excited to discuss my favorites for this month with all of you because I’ve got a lot. Also, I linked all of the products if you are interested in checking any of these out!


  1. Hawaiian Topic Dark Tanning Oil– okay, I know a lot of people flip when I say I like to use tanning oil, but I think tanning oil is great when used safely. At the start of summer, I love to use a bit of tanning oil on my body and soak in the sun for about an hour or two just to start my summer tan. This tanning oil is great because I darken so fast without burning and get that summer tan in no time without spending an excessive amount of time outside baking my skin. It’s perfect to use at the start of summer.
  2. Sephora Pearl Face Mask– this face mask is great for brightening the skin. I love using the Sephora face masks in general because they aren’t too expensive and are perfect for a little spa day. They make my skin feel much cleaner and fresh.
  3. Smith’s Rosebud Salve– I talked about this in my last favorites post and I will keep talking about it because it is 100% my holy grail of lip moisturizers. My lips get so dry and I swear this is the only product that helps. Not to mention one little jar lasts a lifetime.
  4. Mally Face Defender BB Cream Foundation– I’ve been loving this BB cream because it’s so light and perfect for summer. It also is great for my acne prone skin and doesn’t clog my pores. I currently wear the color medium light, but will probably go up a shade as I get tanner.
  5. Mally Poreless Perfecion Glowing Foundation– I use this product on top of my BB cream and together makes the perfect result. This powder alone is not quite enough coverage for me, but it really ratifies my face without looking cake-y. I find it to be the perfect powder for sealing in my foundation and eliminating an oily T-zone. I wear this in light.
  6. Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer (Tiki)– I use this bronzer in the shade Tiki and it works as the perfect highlight for summer. Since it’s actually a bronzer, the shade is perfect to highlight my summer glow. It’s dark to add a bit of color, but is so illuminating that it really brightens my face. It’s also great to use as a bronze eyeshadow. Overall, it’s a very versatile product that can be used on a wide range of complexions.
  7. IT Cosmetics CC+ Radiance Palette– This palette has been perfect for adding color to my face. Honestly, I haven’t really used the powder since I’m so obsessed with my one by Mally, but I love the bronzer and the blush. The bronzer is the perfect dark shade to contour and the blush is bright and natural looking and adds the perfect flush of color. The palette is a bit pricey, but worth it.


  1. Tee Shirts– As boring as this sounds, I’ve been enjoying wearing just plain old oversized tee shirts lately. I really like to be comfortable, especially when it’s so hot and sweaty out. Still, I think big tee shirts are extremely cute paired with some cute sneakers and high waisted shorts. Cute, casual, and comfortable. (BTW I linked a cute one for you to check out!) IMG_2803.JPG
  2. Twist-Front Crop Top– This has been one of my favorite pieces to wear lately because it is such a cute little top, and so versatile! I wear it with jeans and sneakers, or I’ll pair it with some high waisted shorts and sandals. I also love to dress it up a little by pairing it with my corduroy skirt and a denim jacket. IMG_2895.JPG
  3. Bralettes Bralettes are the best for summer because they aren’t as restricting as a regular bra and go perfect under cutoff tanks and backless tops. I might be biased since I used to work there, but my favorite place to buy bralettes is definitely Aerie. IMG_2904.JPG
  4. Sneakers– I love wearing sneakers when it’s still a bit breezy out. I also find them way more comfortable for walking on the boardwalk than flip flops because there is no toe chafing! I particularly love my Adidas, Converse, and Vans even though they’ve all gotten super run down because I wear them so often!IMG_2907.JPG
  5. Open Cardigans and Tanks– Since it’s still a little chilly some days, I like to wear loose sweaters and cardigans on top of my tank tops. Layering is perfect when the weather is still constantly fluctuating.IMG_2733.JPG


  1. Big Little Lies– I just started watching this show so I’m not very far in, but I’m already hooked. Also, I want to note how awesome this cast is. I definitely recommend.
  2. 13 Reasons Why Who isn’t talking about this show?? I wanted to see what all of the hype was about so I decided to check it out. I’m definitely not as obsessed with the show as some people are and I do think the show has its flaws, but it’s still an intriguing show. Plus, Clay Jenson is the cutest creature to ever walk the earth.
  3. Invisible Monsters– I started reading this before and got sidetracked with school and never was able to finish, so i started again. I was obsessed with this book from the start. Chuck Palahniuk never disappoints.
  4. Empire of the Sun– I just discussed this band in my last post because I was lucky enough to see them live, but I decided they were worth mentioning again. Swordfish Hotkiss Night is the ultimate jam.
  5. The Killers– I’m so excited because I get to see one of my favorite bands perform in a few weeks!! I’m so excited that I’ve been nonstop blasting the Killers ever since I bought the tickets (aka like 3 months ago).
  6. Poshmark– One of my favorite apps, Postmark allows me to sell clothes I no longer wear and buy clothes from others for affordable prices. I use Postmark constantly and find it a great way to earn some extra spending money. Check out my closet!
  7. Duolingo– I really want to brush up on my Italian and this app lets me practice and overall is really effective. Not to mention, it’s free!
  8. MyFitnessPal– I’ve been really trying to eat healthier and this app is one I always go back to. I’m able to keep track of what I eat and check my calories. It also breaks down the nutrition so I can see how much protein, carbs, etc. that I’ve consumed. This app also allows you to set goals. For example, you’re goal might be to lose .5 pounds each week. The app tells you how many calories and such you should consume to achieve this goal.
  9. That Poppy– I’ve been really addicted to Poppy lately and I can’t tell if I like it or not. Her music is awesome no doubt, Lowlife is a great song for the summer. Her channel; however, is a bit strange, yet I can’t stop watching?? Her vids are definitely a bit odd and I wish she were to give a meaning for it all, but I’m definitely hooked and can’t stop watching.
  10. Sarah Baska– I discovered Sarah last summer and I’ve loved her ever since. I’ve been catching up on her videos lately now that classes are done for the summer and I can’t stop watching. She’s absolutely hilarious and her videos never fail to make me laugh.


  1. DIY Trail Mix– Lately, I’ve been snacking on trail mix that I create myself with whatever I have in the house. I try to keep it as healthy as possible by mixing together some cashews, dried cranberries, dark chocolate, and pretzels. It makes the perfect snack to munch on.
  2. Bananas and Peanut Butter– Bananas and peanut butter are a perfect combination and a great snack. I love eating this if I want a quick snack before bed or sometimes even for breakfast. I also like making peanut butter and banana sandwiches for lunch because basically I’m obsessed with this combination. 10/10 would recommend.

Hope you all enjoyed your month of May and found something in this article worth checking out! Everything is linked!





Favorite Drugstore Makeup Products

Not everyone can afford to buy high end makeup products. Makeup is just so much money, and half the time, it’s such a waste! You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to look pretty. Your local drugstore has all the products you need. Just because the products cost less doesn’t mean they’re cheap! Some are even better than products double the price. Here are my top 5 favorite drugstore products!

  1. Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles- this is one of the best concealers I have ever used. It goes on creamy and blends very well. The application is also great because all you have to do is pull the cap off, twist the top, and the liquid comes out on this fluffy pad. I just dab the fluffy pad underneath my eyes until I get the desired amount then finish blending it with my fingers. I enjoy this because it feels very soft and doesn’t irritate the skin underneath the eyes which is very delicate. This eraser does such a great job at hiding them. By far the best drugstore concealer I have ever tried.
  2. CoverGirl’s lipstick in Hot Passion- this lipstick is so pigmented! It’s such a bright, blood red that really stands out. The color goes on so evenly and you really only need one coat. The color is just so beautiful and perfect for fall/winter. Bright lip colors are really in right now, and this color is perfect for that. Plus you can’t go wrong with a basic red! Another reason why I love this is because this doesn’t dry out your lips and in fact, adds a bit of moisture. The color is a bit daring, but it’s still just so bold and beautiful!
  3. NYC Sparkle Dust-  I really love this stuff. I have it in champagne and it just looks so beautiful once it’s applied! Even the packaging is cute. It’s a little jar and you take the cap off, then pull out the wand and you get a brush filled with a bunch of champagne sparkles! It’s so easy to apply and makes your eyes pop. I love it!
  4. Maybelline’s Baby Lips- I don’t even really know what this is honestly. A balm? A gloss? What I do know is that not only does it makes your lips feel a lot smoother in just one swipe, it’s also very pigmented! I have the colors Pink Punch and Grape Vine and the colors come out unbelievably well. You get great color and your lips get moisturized at the same time!
  5. NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder- this bronzer looks so natural that you can’t even tell I’m wearing it! It gives such a natural glow and makes my face look bronze rather than orange. I also like the packaging and that it’s a little compact so you can use a brush to apply it instead of previous bronzers I have used where the bronzer would pour out and you were forced to use a puff. This bronzer is just so easy to apply and spreads across your face well. It’s also great for contouring!

Don’t waste your money buying expensive beauty products. Believe me when I say these products work like magic! They’re affordable, and do exactly what they’re supposed too!

Best Colors for Brown Haired, Blue Eyed Girls!

If you have brown hair and blue eyes like me, you’re probably aware that it is quite difficult to find colors suiting your complexion with your dark hair but light eyes. Here are some clothing colors and makeup ideas made for you!

  • Any shade of blue! Blue eyeshadow, blue clothing, whatever it is, it’s great for you. The blue will really bring out your eyes no matter what your hair color is.
  • Black. This color is a staple for everyone. The best shade for brown-haired blue-eyed girls would be a very dark shade, maybe even a jet-black. However, keep in mind; if you are pale, dark colors could possibly wash you out. So be careful with this, and any other dark colors.
  • White! Just like black, this color is a staple for everyone. This color basically suits anyone and everyone.
  • Lime green. It’s such a fun color and will contrast well with your eyes and also bring out the darkness in your hair.
  • A pinkish purple color would also work well for anyone with brown hair and blue eyes.
  • Purple! Along with the pinkish purple, any other shade of purple would be great as well.
  • Peach is such a pretty color and is a great neutral for dark hair and light eyes.
  • Grey makes blue eyes a lot more electrifying as it’s paired against a dark color makeup/outfit and darker colored hair.
  • Tan. Wear lighter shades if you are pale and darker shades if you aren’t. Just be careful that it doesn’t match your skin exactly!
  • Brown is another great color, but especially for your hair. The contrast between your hair and makeup/outfit looks absolutely breathtaking!

Below are 2 makeup tutorials suited for you. The first one I’m going to show you is an every day look.


These are the products I used for the look. I used Bareminerals Original Foundation in the color light, the Urban Decay Naked palette (I used the color Naked), Covergirl’s LashBlast Mascara in Very Black, Lancome Paris Effacernes Waterproof Concealer in Medium Bisque, Duplicity eyeliner in Warm Brown from Avon, and True Color blush in Mad About Mauve from Avon.

Start off by applying your foundation and concealer. I apply my concealer by patting it under neath of my eye with my ring finger. For my foundation, I used a powder brush and sweeped it across any places needing coverage.

Next, prime your eyes and then apply a neutral beige eyeshadow with a fluffy brush all over your lid. I used Naked from the Urban Decay Naked Palette, however any beige will do. After this, apply brown or black mascara.

Next, find a peach or berry blush just a little darker than your skin tone. Or instead of wearing blush, a bronzer would work as well. Just make sure you avoid any colors that are too pink.

The next look I have is a going out look.


For this look, I used the same foundation, concealer, and blush I used for my everyday look. I also used Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette (more specifically, the color Pistol), NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in the color Sunny, L’Oreal Lacquer Liner in Blackest Black, and Nars lipgloss in Misbehave.

Begin this look by once again applying your foundation and concealer.

Before applying eyeshadow, make sure to prime your eyes. For eyeshadow, a grey shade creates the perfect amount of smoke for this look. Try to find a shade suited for your skin tone. Lighter skin shades should use a lighter shade of grey. Darker skin tones should use a darker shade of grey. Once you apply your eyeshadow, apply a jet black eyeliner on top of this to make it even smokier.

For blush, do the same as you did for your everyday look. Stick to peaches and berry colors. I definitely recommend a mauve shade like Avon’s Mad About Mauve! It’s a deep color, but suits my hair color well and doesn’t wash me out. But any tan, purple, or red tones will do.

Next for your lips, go bold with your choice of red lipstick or lipgloss. If your eyes are already very bold, you may want to stick to a gloss. Choose which feature you want to stand out and that is the feature you should highlight more. Just a tinge of color on either your eyes or lips would work with the other bold feature. Don’t go overboard.

To finish this look, sweep bronzer all over your face. This step is totally optional. You can also add mascara.

Side note: Keep in mind that you can make this look more or less dramatic.

Thanks for reading!