Past, Present, and Future

Happy New Years everyone! I can’t believe we are only hours away from 2018. The year went by so fast, and I am grateful for all of the opportunities 2017 brought me. 2017 I began new internships and jobs while finishing off my second year of college and entering my third and final year. 2017 was also a year of loss. I lost my grandmother who passed in February. She passed only 4 months after my stepfather, making the past two years quite difficult. However, I have been coping and have been focusing greatly on my mental health. I am working on remaining positive and grateful, and really do feel so lucky to be alive. I started keeping a gratitude journal this year and journaling at least once a week which has really helped me remain positive and more in touch with my mind. I have also been healthier. I go to the gym five times a week, and although I do not see many changes with my body, I’m proud of my dedication and really do feel so much better.

This year has really made me begin thinking about the future, and what I want to do with my life. Even more specifically, what I want to do with this blog. I was thinking about putting a little bit more into this blog. As in, maybe buying a domain and creating a specific theme or topic. The reason I haven’t so far is because I’m not quite sure what I’d want that theme to be. I guess that’s something to be decided in 2018.

While I do not have any New Years resolutions, I do have goals for the future. First, a simple goal I have is that I’d like to start taking more pictures. I don’t take enough, and I would like some pictures to look back on here and there. Another goal I have is to travel more. I don’t travel at all, so even traveling to just one place this year would make a difference and give me something exciting to look back on. I want to continue to exercise and become in even better shape than I am now. I want to eat healthier and continue my mental health journey and continue to grow. I’m graduating college in a few short months and I’m ready to be independent. My goal is to find a good job and a nice home to live in, and overall just to be happy.

Happy New Years everyone! Hope 2018 is a good one!


Goal Completed + Tips on Finding an Internship

A few months ago I posted an article about a goal I had to find a summer internship. I wanted to announce that I have successfully completed this goal and found a summer internship! After a lot of stress, searching, and submissions, I finally found a great internship opportunity for myself.

Trying to find the perfect internship was extremely stressful. Originally, I landed an internship opportunity in New York, but decided to not follow through due to the travel and housing expenses. I found an internship closer to where I live that has the possibility to grow into a job opportunity and I am super excited! I am now interning for The Power of the Patient Project that you can learn more about here.

Finding an internship was difficult, and while I’m no pro at this, I would like to give some advice for any of you looking for internships.

  1. Stay open minded. Apply for jobs that may not even be in your field. There is a lot of experience to be learned.
  2. Apply for as many internships as possible. Even apply for internships you might not seem too interested in because you can use each interview as practice to nail that important interview you finally get.
  3. Watch out for scams! Use websites like to search companies and read reviews. It’ll save you a lot of time and travel.
  4. Use sites like LinkedIn and They are very useful and make finding/applying for jobs so simple.
  5. Follow your gut. Interning is important, but if you find an internship that you just don’t think is right for you, don’t take it. Keep applying and you’ll eventually find something better suited for you.
  6. Don’t give up! Even when you think there’s no hope, there is.

I will keep you all updated with my intern experience, and good luck to all of you searching for internships!


Body Journey

I have found setting goals for myself and posting them publicly really help increase my motivation to accomplish each goal. This goal may be the most challenging so far due to a combination of my busy schedule, and pure laziness, but I am determined to become stronger and healthier. While I want to build a better physique, my main focus is my health and to see how much of a difference changes in my diet and exercise can make. I have always been comfortable and satisfied with my body. I’m a very petite girl and I have come to accept it. This isn’t so much about image, it’s about health, and becoming the best ‘me’ possible. Life is a journey and every day I want to try to make myself a little bit better than I was yesterday. And this includes my health and fitness.

I have always been slightly underweight. I want to gain muscle and become stronger and leaner. I want to tone my body and improve the overall shape I am in.

I will begin this journey with a workout plan and a healthy meal plan. My goal is to work out 5 days a week. I started following a workout plan created by Jen Ferruggia called Bikini Body Workouts. I find this workout plan perfect for beginners like me. It is not too challenging, but just challenging enough to leave me sore the next day. I already feel a difference.

As for my diet, here is what I eat in a week:


Breakfast- Nut butter on toast

Lunch-Chicken salad sandwich (swap the mayo for avocado!)

Dinner– Chicken breast and veggies

Snacks– Veggies and hummus; pumpkin seeds and cashews

Dessert– Ice pops made of fruit juice


Breakfast– Fruit smoothie

Lunch– Salad with mixed greens, berries, nuts, chicken breast, and a balsamic dressing

Dinner– Salmon and veggies

Snacks– Tea plus mixed fruits; frozen yogurt

Dessert– Greek yogurt blended with frozen berries


Breakfast– Berry parfait with greek yogurt, granola, and nuts

Lunch– Chicken salad wrap with lettuce and dried cranberries

Dinner– Salad with leftover salmon and veggies

Snack– Dark chocolate, mixed fruits

Dessert– Banana and peanut butter


Breakfast– Oatmeal

Lunch– Turkey and avocado sandwich on rye bread

Dinner– Spaghetti with pesto and spinach

Snack– Homemade trail mix with nuts, dried cranberries, pretzels, and dark chocolate; sliced apples and peanut butter

Dessert– frozen banana dipped in dark chocolate with a side of berries


Breakfast– Scrambled eggs with a side of fruit and vegetables

Lunch– PB&B sandwich

Dinner– Turkey and rice

Snack– Pretzels; mixed fruits and veggies

Dessert– Oatmeal cookie


Breakfast– Acai bowl with berries and bananas topped with peanut butter or honey

Lunch– Chicken noodle soup

Dinner– Shrimp scampi

Snack– frozen grapes; yogurt

Dessert– Frozen yogurt



Of course my diet may not exactly follow this schedule and some things change day to day based on what I have in my house and what is available to me, but for the most part, these are the foods I keep in my diet. Not everything is perfectly healthy, but it’s a great combination for me of nutrition without ridding myself of all of my favorite things. Not to mention these recipes are simple and do not take an excessive amount of time for preparation.

I’m excited to work on myself and my body and to become the best me possible. I want to become healthy and strong and I am determined to stick to it.

Goal: Summer Internship!

Hey people! During the summer I made a post where I set a goal for myself, and I discovered by posting my goal publicly and updating you guys with my progress, gave me more motivation to stick to it. I HIGHLY encourage anyone with a goal to accomplish to do this, whether it be short-term or long-term!

My goal is to land a summer internship. Preferably paid, but any internship I will take. I will be graduating from college in a year and I NEED some work experience. My hunt has begun and I have until summer to search for it! Wish me luck! I will keep you all updated on my journey to an internship, and if any one out there has any advice for me please leave it in the comments! I’d be very appreciative 🙂