6 Things I Miss About Being Home

Time spent away at college makes you appreciate the little things even more when you visit home. As fun and exciting as college is, there are some things I really miss. I love college, but every once in awhile I find myself feeling a little homesick and really missing these seven things.

1. My dog- Probably the thing I miss most about home is my favorite little companion, my pup. My dog is my best friend and the cutest little cuddle buddy. The first thing I ask when I call my mom is, “How’s Sadie doing?”


2. My mom- Although we argue most of the time, I truly miss my mom more than anyone. I miss our nightly talks at dinner and gossiping to her about the drama going on in my school and at her work. I miss being able to tell her about anything and everything going on in my life and seeing her face every day.

Andrea Mazzola


3. My own room- In college, you are almost never alone. Privacy becomes a true blessing when you have a roommate. Don’t get me wrong, having a roommate can be cool, but everyone still needs their private time. It’s the little things I miss, like being able to make a phone call without anyone overhearing, or being able to study in my bed. It’s easy to get distracted in an environment where you are constantly surrounded by people.

Andrea Mazzola

4. Home cooked meals- Dining hall food gets old really fast. Not only are you eating pretty unhealthy, but you’re also eating the same greasy pizza every day. College will make you appreciate your mother’s cooking so much more than you thought you ever would.


5. My car- Just as soon as you get your license, the privilege of driving is taken away from you. Being stranded on campus really sucks sometimes, and things like Uber can be kind of expensive. Word of advice: If you can, bring your car on campus.

Andrea Mazzola


6. Clean bathrooms- If only I could take a shower without wearing flip flops, and if only the the toilet seats didn’t have pee on them. It’s honestly just really hard to feel clean when your shower is infested with drain flies.

Andrea Mazzola


As awesome as college is, there are just some things I didn’t appreciate enough at home. Everyone gets a little homesick at times, but still, I wouldn’t trade my college experience for anything.


Inside My Room

Since I’m away at college, my room at home is the cleanest it’s ever been, so basically I decided to post some pics of my room and give you all a little virtual tour. It’s pretty funny because my bedroom at home is sooooo different from my dorm room. My room at home is so bright and decorated while my dorm is mostly just black with lots of pictures of me and my friends. My room has been decorated like this for awhile, and while although I definitely prefer darker colors, I really really love and miss the brightness of my bedroom.

So here it is


Okay yeah I told you, very bright. I have my pillow pets and my sparkly sequined throw pillow because I was like 14 when I decorated my room. But I mean I like it, I think it adds character. But I will admit, this comforter is very thin so I almost never actually use it and my bed is almost never actually made. Sorry this picture is pretty deceiving.


Next to my bed I have a ton of wall space that I just went in on decorating when I was bored one day. So in the corner I have a few pictures and my prom tickets. Then I have a little portrait of the eiffel tower. Then there are a few canvas’s and my “you look gorgeous” stickers which were so difficult to put up. I also made a dream board back when I was in like 7th grade, but it definitely needs some updating because currently on it are all pictures of One Direction and the cast of Glee and I don’t really know where I was going with it, so that’ll definitely be a summer mission. I also hung up my favorite birthday card ever- it was hand drawn and it’s so pretty, and then I hang up pretty pictures and quotes in my magazines every month that either just look pretty or inspire me in some way.

IMG_3910Here is the other half of my wall because this wall is huge.  (peep the One Direction cups)


And yeah this is my dresser. It has a nice, vintage-y kind of feel which I’ve always been a fan of. In here I keep some hoodies, tee shirts, tank tops, jeans, and shorts. Oh and that little dress hanging belongs to my dog.


My closet is always super messy, but here is just wear I keep some tee shirts and jackets. A lot of my clothes are of folded in my dresser, but since my closet is really small I actually have another room which acts pretty much as a huge closet. That’s where I keep my shoes, purses, jewelry, and all of my nicer clothes. I’d give you a tour of that but since I’m away at college, it has unfortunately become a storage room for everyone which is kind of annoying because now all of my clothes are lost behind everyone else’s stuff. Hopefully at some point I’ll be able to give you all a tour of my giant Hannah Montana closet.


My bureau- I keep more clothes and stuff in here. Just underwear and pajamas and bathing suits and stuff. Nothing too fancy. I also keep stuff stored in VS bags. I don’t really know why they just look pretty. Also, check out the graduation cap. A nice little collage of me and my friends.


I talk about this all the time, but I love, love, love books. I have so many that I’m running out of room on my shelves. But yeah my desk is kind of cool because it’s a nice corner desk with shelves on the bottom. I have all the books from the Clique series back from when I was in the 7th grade and that was my life, I honestly just can’t seem to part with them. I have all my Chuck Palahniuk and Kurt Vonnegut on the bottom shelf which is more what I’m into now. Then I have my yearbooks and a few movies on the right.


I also have an overabundance of makeup and I never really knew how to store it because I have so much so yeah, I just categorize it and stuff it into Sephora bags. Also, no I do not typically use that tiny mirror. I invested in a really nice square light up mirror with the two sides where the one side is close up- you know what I’m talking about. But yeah, that’s back at Rutgers.


Okay and the last picture. This has always been one of my favorite parts of my room. I just love how pretty this looks and I love how it’s right behind my bed. And I love the quote- it’s one that always resonated really well with me.

“Dream until your dream comes true.”