Summer Bucket List


Summer is on its way and I’m more than ready for sun-kissed skin and crazy summer nights. It’s time to take a break from all the school work and kick back with some friends and try out all of those cool Pinterest recipes you just didn’t have time for during the school year. Summer goes by in the blink of an eye, so instead of sitting at home bored and alone, why not try something new? Here is your ultimate summer bucket list!

1. Read 10+ books

2. Do yoga on the beach

3. Host a bonfire

4. BEACH!!

5. Watch the fireworks on 4th of July

6. Go to a music festival

7. Get tan!!!

8. Get funnel cake at a carnival

9. Ride a ferris wheel with a cute boy

10. Meet someone new

11. Ride a roller coaster

12. Do something that has always scared me

13. Go night swimming

14. Make popsicles

15. Hit up a few yard sales

16. Go on a nature walk

17. Go to a barbecue

18. Go on a picnic

19. Play mini-golf

20. Star gaze

21. Stay up all night with friends

22. Eat s’mores

23. Tie-dye a shirt

24. Have a paint fight

25. Go on a waterslide

26. Get a tan tattoo

27. Bake cupcakes

28. Eat ice cream

29. Watch the sunset

  1. Make this summer the best one yet!

You worked hard this year and you deserve a break. Enjoy this summer and spend time with the people you love. Most importantly, make this summer one you can look back on with great memories you created with even greater people.


Story Prompts

For all you creative writers out there, I wanted to write a post a bit different. Instead of my typical fashion or life posts, I thought I’d give you a story prompt idea. Something I don’t really post on here is any sort of creative writing, and you probably don’t know I actually love creative writing. If I have the time, I enjoy writing short stories or poems. In college, I take a few creative writing and poetry classes which I enjoy, but sometimes inspiration just doesn’t strike. While creative writing is fun when you have an idea, sometimes it’s quite hard to find inspiration. That’s why I wanted to provide all of you writers out there with inspiration.

Story prompt ideas:

  1. Write about a broken watch, a smelly pair of underwear, and a little girl named Amber
  2. Write about a One Direction concert, a glass of chocolate milk, and a stained tee shirt
  3. Write about a lost dog, a dead bird, and a box of tissues
  4. Write about green nail polish, a pair of glasses, and a cell phone
  5. Write about an expensive eye shadow palette, a notebook, and a camera
  6. Write about a wine glass, a picture frame, and deodorant
  7. Write about a bra, a box of #2 pencils, and an invitation
  8. Write about a ticking clock, a date, and a missing sock
  9. Write about a school dance, a jar of Nutella, and a stalker
  10. Write about fresh flowers, a toilet, and breakfast

I really hope this gave you some sort of idea/ inspiration. Let me know if you liked this post and if you’d like more writer inspiration! Thanks for reading!



Advice: Procrastination

As I told you all before, I’d really like to start an advice column on this blog. I received my first question so here it is:

Q: I’m so stressed out that all I do is procrastinate. Any suggestions on how to make myself feel better/regain some productivity?

A: Being overwhelmed with work causes so much stress that causes us to want to hide under our covers all day instead of actually getting work done. Having so much to do causes anxiety and worry and we choose to run away from these worries instead of facing them head on. When you are overwhelmed with so much work and struggling to complete it all, my biggest advice would to be to take a step back and prioritize. Take a deep breath and think about what needs to get done first. Create a schedule for yourself to accomplish all of your work, but make sure to add in breaks to do things you enjoy. Seek inspiration. Think about the bigger picture. Maybe you are procrastinating from school work, but think about your grades and your GPA. Think about how great it would feel you accomplish your goals. Most importantly, STOP PROCRASTINATING! The more you procrastinate, the more work you will have building up. Get organized. Build a schedule and stick to it, but remember to add in some time for yourself. Along with this, allow yourself plenty of time to accomplish each task. Take your time and do not rush anything. Don’t multitask. Just do one thing at a time and do it well. Taking on too much at once will only cause more stress. Do each task as slow as you need to and make sure it is finished before moving on to something else. And once again, remember to take breaks. But not long three hour naps in between each task. Maybe take a small break and eat your lunch and eat last weeks episode of Game of Thrones. The sooner you get to your work, the sooner it will get done.

Hope this helped!

If any of you would like advice, feel free to leave a comment below OR message me on my tumblr!