15 positive affirmations

The thoughts we think have so much power on the way we feel about ourselves and others. It is important to fill our minds with loving thoughts in order to remain uplifted, even in the darkest of times. Repeating affirmations throughout the day or when we may be feeling down or lost will remind us to eliminate our negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Add affirmations to your daily routine by putting one as a note in your phone or sticking a post-it to your mirror so you’re constantly being inspired by positive thoughts. The type of energy you put out into the world is the type of energy you will receive. Here are affirmations to provide you with positivity and encouragement.

Feeling sad?

  • “I deserve the best and I accept the best now.” -Louise L. Hay
  • “Every thought I think is creating my future.” –Louise L. Hay

  • “When I decide to be happy, I attract great things in my life.” –Robert Holden

Feeling angry?

  • “I know that blaming others does not solve anything.” –Louise L. Hay
  • “I release the past and forgive everyone.” –Louise L. Hay
  • “I am grateful for all that I have in life.” –Deepak Chopra

Feeling anxious?

  • “I release all fears and doubts.” –Louise. L. Hay

  • “I trust life.” –Louise L. Hay
  • “I cannot be a victim and be happy.” –Robert Holden

Feeling insignificant?

  • “I love and approve of myself.” –Louise L. Hay

  • “It is okay to be lonely now and then.” –Louise L. Hay
  • “My life has meaning and purpose.” –Deepak Chopra

Feeling frustrated?

  • “I have faith in my ability to manifest my desires.” –Deepak Chopra
  • “It is okay to ask for help.” –Louise L. Hay
  • “I am committed to my goals. I embrace uncertainty.” –Leon Nacson

Something as simple as changing the way you think could have a serious impact on your life. When we fill our mind with happy thoughts, we are allowing positivity into our mind and life. It is important to remind ourselves of our abilities and remain motivated, even when life gets tough.


31 days of self love

Loving yourself is important, and sometimes a lot us struggle with. Happiness stems from acceptance and love for ourselves. We cannot depend on others to make us happy, and we cannot force others to love us. However, we can love and take care of ourselves and our own well being. I challenge and encourage you to complete these 31 days of self-love, and to hopefully take a step further to love and acceptance.

Day 1: Write out your feelings. Write about what makes you happy and unhappy. Write about what you love about yourself. Write about something you need to let go. Let it all off your chest.

Day 2: Post a picture that makes you feel pretty.

Day 3: Wear your favorite outfit.

Day 4: Cook yourself a big, healthy breakfast full of your favorite fruits.

Day 5: Take a long bath with lavender oil.

Day 6: Watch a movie that makes you laugh.

Day 7: Put on a face mask and paint your nails. Pamper yourself a little.

Day 8: Stretch. Do some sun salutations in the sunlight.

Day 9: Forgive yourself for a mistake that you mad.

Day 10: Talk to someone who makes you smile.

Day 11: Belt out your favorite song as loud as you can no matter who’s listening

Day 12: Write down all of your dreams and aspirations and set goals toward achieving them

Day 13: Pick up a book you’ve always wanted to read

Day 14: Organize your closet, strip your bedsheets, clean every corner of your room till it is sparkling.

Day 15: Go to bed an hour earlier than normal

Day 16: Wake up early and watch the sunrise

Day 17: Try a new food

Day 18: Call up an old friend you haven’t talked to in awhile

Day 19: Do something you enjoy

Day 20: Make a conscious effort to be more positive

Day 21: Stare in the mirror and list 5 things you love about yourself today

Day 22: Spend the day outside. Go for a walk. Sit in the sun. Enjoy the beauty around you.

Day 23: Listen to new music

Day 24: Dye your hair the color you’d like

Day 25: Buy yourself flowers and watch them bloom

Day 26: Realize that you should be doing things for yourself and not for others.

Day 27: Lie in the sunshine and daydream about life.

Day 28: Buy yourself a new dress and go out with your best friends.

Day 29: Fill in a coloring book.

Day 30: Bake cookies. It’s okay to treat yourself every once in awhile.

Day 31: Reflect on what makes you happy. Continue doing things and spending time with people that make you happy. And remember, most importantly, to love yourself every step of the way.