Everyday Summer Outfits

Summer is almost over, but it’s not too late for some summer outfit inspiration! Here are two everyday looks that you can wear while the weather is still warm.


Here I am wearing a very trendy cropped off the shoulder top from Urban Outfitters. I love the way this top looks, but unfortunately whenever I move my arms the sleeves shift up which is extremely frustrating, especially since the top is cropped as it just exposes my entire midriff. My shorts are from PacSun and are my favorite pair of high waisted shorts. I am also wearing metallic sandals from Forever 21 and layered gold necklaces also from Forever 21.


Taking pictures was so hard because it was so windy out that my hair was just all over the place. The weather has been terrible this summer, it never stops storming. I had originally wanted to make this a larger cookbook, but just couldn’t seem to find a nice photoshoot day.

Anyways, I’m obsessed with this jumpsuit for days like today that are a bit rainy and chilly. My jumpsuit is from Aeropostale and I am wearing the same sandal/necklace combo from my last outfit from Forever 21.

Find the jumpsuit here

Find top here

Find similar shorts here

Find similar necklace here

June Favorites

I can’t believe my summer is already half way over. I’m heartbroken that this is my last summer and there isn’t much that has happened so far to make it memorable. I have two months left to make my last summer, the best summer.

Anyways, here are my favorites for the month of June.


  1. Origins GinZing Eye Cream– This eye cream has really been helping with puffiness underneath of my eyes. Even though the dark circles I was born with seem impossible to rid of, this at least helps for the time being.
  2. Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer (Tiki)– I talked about this last month, but I literally use it every single day. I use it as bronzer, as highlighter, as eyeshadow, and as blush. It’s all I wear.
  3. Dove Beauty Bar– This might sound like such a silly product, but I swear by it for my skin time routine. This bar of soap saved my skin after years of using face washes that were too rough. A simple bar of soap can work wonders for your skin.


  1. Rings– I have been loving accessorizing with chunky rings. I think they add so much and really even help a simple tee shirt and jeans outfit stand out. I can’t take them off! IMG_2990
  2. Crystals– I’ve been really into crystals in general, fashion ones and regular ones. I’ve been really getting into meditation and I’ve begun to research the power of crystals. I decided to put crystals under the fashion category because they also really are so beautiful. I’ve been buying beautiful rings and necklaces on Etsy that contain crystals, just like this ring.il_570xN.444969037_803pIMG_2986.JPG
  3. Necklace– Again with the crystals, I love this Lepidolite gem necklace. It’s so simple and so beautiful. Not to mention purple is my all time favorite color. The crescent moon pendant also looks stunning with the gem stone. The only thing I am not a fan of is that mine came with a black chain instead of silver (the black was less money.) I have to get a silver one.il_570xN.1033045212_th5a.jpg
  4. Wedges– Since I intern and I’m supposed to dress business casual, wedges have been my go to. They’re perfect for summer, easy to walk in, and super cute!IMG_2981.JPG
  5. Skater skirts– Skater skirts are so versatile- I can dress them up and wear them to my internship, or I can wear them casually when I go out with friends. I love wearing skirts in the summer because they’re so cute and girly and I think are overall a staple for summer. The one I am wearing is from Forever 21, but I linked a similar one!



  1. Elsewhere– This book is such an interesting concept. I have to say, when I first started reading it, it seemed kind of childish, but it really is so unique. The book is about a 15 year old girl who dies in a bicycle accident. The girl is taken to a place called “Elsewhere” in her after life. In Elsewhere, people age backwards until they are 0. Once someone turns 0, he/she is taken back to Earth and rebirthed.
  2. Orange is the New Black– Of course this is a June favorite. This show is so addicting, it’s unreal. I always forget just how much I love it until a new season comes out. Then I’m immediately hooked. The show is so dark and full of so many surprises, and it always ends on a huge cliff hanger that leaves you wanting more.
  3. Groovebook– I prefer having physical copies of things rather than storing everything digitally, in fear of everything getting deleted. Grosbeak allows me to print 100 pictures a month straight from my iPhone. The pictures are mailed in a little booklet to my house. Easy and convenient.
  4. Mango Health– Instead of setting alarms on my phone that always frighten me, Mango Health vibrates whenever it is time to take my medicine. It also lets you keep track of your medications and it lets you check off when you have taken it for the day. It even keeps track of your missed pills.


  1. Bananas– Last month I wrote about bananas and peanut butter, but now I want to write just about bananas. I love bananas. I eat at least one banana a day. They are honestly just my all time favorite snack.
  2. Acai bowls– Acai bowls are crazy expensive, so I learned how to make my own. It’s actually very simple. Blend an acai powder with a frozen banana and protein powder in a blend, pour into a bowl, add granola and your favorite fruits, maybe top with some honey or peanut butter- and bam! An acai bowl for a reasonable price.

That’s it for the month of June. I hope you all found something worth trying out in this post, thanks for reading!

OOTD- Summer Concert!

Recently, I was able to attend Radio 104.5’s Birthday Show and it was awesome! I wrote about Day 2 last week here, and I have to say, I really had a great time. The weather was beautiful- hot and sunny during the day, and cool and breezy at night.


I wore a simple outfit of just a black bralette bought at Forever 21 and black high waisted shorts that are the brand Mystic. I didn’t want to accessorize too much in fear of losing something, but I did wear a simple, silver ring. Also (not pictured) I wore some knock off all black vans because I knew I would be in grass all day and I didn’t want to get any of my nice shoes muddy.



I actually did my makeup for the first time all summer, which I picked a very awful day to do this since I melted within the first hour. Still, I thought the orange and pink eyeshadows looked perfect for summer and the winged eyeliner really pulled together the look.

Overall, the look wasn’t anything crazy, but comfortable and cute for a day spent in the sun listening to all my favorite bands.

Easter Dresses: $40 & Under

Still looking for a dress for Easter? No worries, I composed a list of __ dresses that are perfect for Easter and won’t break your budget.

Forever 21:


Buy it here for $19.90

Urban Outfitters:


Buy it here for $19.99


Buy it here for $29.99


Buy it here for $29.99


Buy it here for $39.99


Buy it here for $19.99


Buy it here for 29.99


Buy it here for $39.99


Buy it here for $39.99


Buy it here for $29.99


Buy it here for $39.99


Buy it here for $29.99



Buy it here for $13


Buy it here for $32


Buy it here for $34


Buy it here for $39


Buy it here for $38



Buy it here for $40


Buy it here for $39


Buy it here for $40



Buy it here for $35


Buy it here for $38


Buy it here for $19


Buy it here for $29


Buy it here for $29


Buy it here for $38


Buy it here for $27


Buy it here for $14

Charlotte Russe


Buy it here for $36.99


Buy it here for $29.99


Buy it here for $26.99


Buy it here for $29.99


Buy it here for $32.99


Buy it here for $34.99


Happy Saturday! (sorry I’m late for this blog post!!)


OOTD’s are fun. They’re something I wish I could post more often, but none of my friends ever wanna take my pictures and I’m not too good with a tripod. Still, there are so many pretty places on campus I’d love to shoot. Maybe in time my tripod skills will improve and I won’t be so intimidated by passerby’s watching me have my own photoshoot, and I’ll stop taking pictures in front of this blue wall! (sorry for that lone sandal in the background, I’m a mess)

Anyways, this top I’m wearing is from Kohls and the skirt is from Rue 21. These boots are from DSW! The bracelet is from Helberg Diamonds.

I’m currently home for Thanksgiving which is nice! It’s good to be home, especially with all that’s been going on in my life. It’s great to be back with my mom. School has been very stressful. I have a lot on my plate this semester. I was recently elected House Manager for my sorority which is awesome! However, it’s also a huge commitment and a lot of responsibility, so hopefully I do a good job.

I’ve been working super hard hoping I could graduate a year early. I’ve been applying for tons of internships for the summer and have a few interviews scheduled, so wish me luck!

Currently on break, I am working at American Eagle (still) and this year I worked my first Black Friday! I have to say, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. It was just such a long day and it sucks my entire day was spent folding clothes and all I’m going to get paid is like $70. I honestly can’t wait to get a job making real money in my field of choice! Hopefully school and all this hard work pays off!

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?? Did you eat lots of food? I definitely did, and lots of pumpkin pie (aka my fave).

I hope you all had a great holiday and scored some awesome Black Friday deals! Thanks for reading! xoxo

5 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Fall is here which means it’s time for chilly weather and warm layers. One of the best fall accessories is the classic scarf. This simple piece can kick a casual outfit up a notch. A scarf can be worn with such different pieces ranging from a tee shirt and jeans to your favorite sweater dress and booties. There are so many different ways to style and tie a scarf. Here are 5!

  1. Shawl


2. Double Twist


3. Pull Through (a classic)tumblr_inline_nibyyahv2g1sa8g1d.jpg

4. Headband


5. Purse Accessory


What to Wear During Formal Recruitment

Formal recruitment can make you feel a lot of things- scared, excited, intimidated. I know, I’ve been there. I remember panicking, unsure of what I was going to talk about. I remember freaking out because I felt like I had nothing to wear. I remember running to the mall a bunch of times buying outfits for formal recruitment because nothing in my wardrobe seemed fit. I sent all of my outfit ideas to my pi chi’s for their approval. If you’re unsure of what a pi chi is, they are simply the greatest people on earth. They are sisters of a sorority who disaffiliate with their sorority during formal recruitment in order to help girls that are rushing. The reason they disaffiliate is that way you feel no bias or pressure when talking to them. They are great for advice if you are nervous or unsure which sorority to choose, and also for helping to choose what is appropriate to wear. While I totally recommend asking your pi chi for approval on your outfit (or whatever they are called at your school) I’m going to provide you with two example outfits for each round of recruitment- one for fall and one for spring.

Round One: Open House

Your pi chi will lead you and other PNMs (potential new members) to each sorority house. For this round, you will most likely be given a tee shirt. My biggest suggestion for this round would be to remain casual and add one simple accessory that will make you stand out. When I went through this round, I wore a pretty, bold necklace that matched the wording on my shirt. When given a tee shirt, your best bet is to pair it with jeans or shorts depending on the weather, boots or sandals, and one stand out piece like a necklace or a headband. But in case your school doesn’t give tee shirts, here are two outfits that would be great for open house.

Outfit 1: Honestly, this outfit would work just how it is modeled below. But if the weather is warmer out, this top would be great paired with shorts and sandals. A funky choker adds a personal touch.

Urban Outfitters
American Eagle
Forever 21


Outfit 2: The top is pretty but casual enough for first round. Still, the top stands out enough on its own that no jewelry is necessary

Forever 21
American Eagle


Round Two: Philanthropy/ House Tour

This round you will learn a lot about the sorority’s philanthropy and be given a tour of the house if the sorority has one. This round is a bit more formal. Think business casual- but pieces like black jeans are still acceptable. Here is what I wore:IMG_3014

The top I bought is from Express. What makes it perfect for recruitment is that it is conservative and looks professional. I paired it with a skirt and a pair of stand out tights because once again, it’s important to add a stand out piece. This will help the girls you talk to remember you. Plus, it adds a cute detail that you’ll receive lots of compliments on. I also wore a pair of black wedge booties, but don’t feel pressured to wear heels. Most girls don’t for this round. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

  • Top: Express
  • Skirt: H&M
  • Tights: Forever 21
  • Shoes: Amazon

Outfit 1: A casual dress works great, just as long as it isn’t too short, tight, or low cut.

Forever 21
Urban Outfitters

Outfit 2: A printed is casual enough for round two but also makes you more memorable.

Forever 21
Urban Outfitters


Round Three: Preference Round

This is the last round before you make your decision. This round is a lot more personal than the last two, and the most dressed up you will get during formal recruitment. While you are dressing formally, it is beyond important to still look classy. Don’t wear a dress that is too short or with a neckline too low. Look conservative. Also, avoid colors such as white or black because the sisters might be dressed in these colors. This is what I wore. Side note: the necklace I am wearing would be a great necklace to wear during open house.IMG_3020

Dress: H&M

Outfit 1: This is formal recruitment, not a night at the club. A classic dress in a bright color makes you pop while still looking classy.

Forever 21
Forever 21


Outfit 2: It’s okay to wear a sleeveless dress and open toed shoes when it’s cold out. You can show up to the house wearing a big winter coat and boots and change in front of the house- your pi chi’s will hold all of your stuff for you. This dress is perfect for preference round because of its high neckline and loose fit.

Forever 21


While what you wear is important, don’t stress too much. The most important rule is to wear clothes that are appropriate and that represent who you are. Be yourself, and get excited. Good luck!




What’s In My Purse

Since it’s summer, I don’t have any classes which means I don’t need to carry a big backpack around with me all the time. Instead I carry around a cute small to medium sized cross body bag full of only the essentials. Personally, I don’t feel the need to carry around with me a big body bag full of crap ever unless if I’m going to class and need textbooks or a laptop. Instead I’ll usually switch between two cross body bags depending on the day and how much stuff I need to carry. Cross body bags are my all time favorite because they are secure around my body and are the perfect size.


This cross-body bag was a Christmas present from my brother a few years back. It is a beautiful Michael Kors medium sized red purse with the gold MK logo. It is one of my go-to purses. Wanna see what’s inside?

Wallet– Obviously I carry my wallet at all times because this is where I carry all of my cards , ID, and cash. This wallet is from Kenneth Cole and I love it because I love all things purple.


Keys– I of course always have my house key and car key on me at all times and I keep my keys on this cute little ZTA lanyard.


Lip balm– Currently I’ve been loving this Rosebud Salve because it adds so much hydration to my lips. Plus they last forever and are super cheap! You can buy these at Ulta!


Glasses– I always carry my glasses on me in case my contacts ever start to bother me. I wear daily contacts so if that’s the case, I toss them and throw on my glasses. I just bought a new pair. This pair is from Ralph Lauren.


Water bottle– Hydration is important so I always keep water on me. I’ve been carrying plastic ones but I also sometimes will keep a Rutgers reusable one when I’m at school.


Concealer– This is something I’ll bring depending on the day. If I’m gonna be gone for awhile I’ll usually bring concealer just so I can touch up my makeup if necessary. This is Nars Creamy Concealer in the shade Custard.


Phone– Essential. I always need my phone on me.


Earbuds– This is another thing I’ll bring depending on the day. If I’m going to be on a long car ride where I can’t blast my music or somewhere I’m bored I’ll usually bring earbuds.


A small snack-I always keep a little snack like a granola bar (Luna bars are my all time fave) or maybe a chocolate bar in my bag. Currently I’ve been keeping just a little bag of peanuts in my bag.


So there you have it! This is what I keep in my everyday purse when I go to work or out with my friends or whatever it is! Hope you enjoyed!

Top 5 Rompers

A little while back I wrote a post about my Top 5 Cutest Skirts that I own. The pictures came out low quality.. but you got the gist and I mean they were cute skirts. So if you haven’t guessed from the title, this post will be just like that one, only with my top 5 favorite rompers in my closet. Rompers are my all time favorite summer piece. It’s so easy. Instead of planning an outfit you could literally just slip on one comfortable piece and you still look nice and put together. I honestly don’t think there’s any clothing I love more. Unfortunately, shopping for rompers is a bit difficult for me sometimes because I’m short so they often fit a bit awkward. The straps of the top will often be too long and the shorts will be too baggy. However, I’ve discovered stores that make great rompers for people of my size and I recommend them to you if you are also petite. So here are my top 5 favorite rompers in my closet, and the best places to buy them

1.Rue 21 Strapless Floral Romper

Romper: Rue 21, Sandals: Forever 21

2. Wet Seal Popover Flounce Woven Romper with Pockets (can find here)

Romper: Wet Seal, Sandals: Forever 21


3. Wet Seal Nautical Romper

Romper: Wet Seal, Sandals: Forever 21

4. Wet Seal Tulip Sleeve Off-The-Shoulder Romper (can buy here)

Romper: Wet Seal, Wedges: Tilly’s

5. Joyce Leslie Black and White Romper

Romper: Joyce Leslie, Sandals: Forever 21

If you haven’t noticed, Wet Seal is great place to buy rompers if you are petite. Rue 21 also is awesome. Although I only included one romper in this list, I own another romper from Rue 21 and both are great go-to outfits if I’m not sure what to wear. The rompers fit perfectly. My romper from Joyce Leslie is also super cute, but unfortunately Joyce Leslie has closed (sad face). PETITE GIRLS: Where do you buy your rompers??? Please let me know! I’m always looking for new places to buy rompers that will actually fit me!

By the way guys, I recently linked my blog to Bloglovin’ so now you can also keep up with me here!

Best 4th of July Swimsuits

Fourth of July is only a few days away which means it’s time for beaches and barbecues. Here are some of the cutest patriotic swimsuits whether you’re lying in the sand or relaxing by the pool with your family and friends.

Nasty Gal
Nasty Gal

Mix and match pieces to add your own nautical flair


Happy Fourth! 🙂